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Hey there… I hope your week is off to a great start!  We got our first blast of fall weather over the weekend and it got me so revved up to embrace the season at last!  A couple of weeks ago the new Anthropologie Home catalog turned up in my mailbox and I spent a good hour going through it… their photographs are so richly staged with their home products I kept finding new and intriguing pieces every time I went back through.  And it also dawned on me that fall is the perfect season to add some more eclectic touches to your decor, so I thought it would be fun to share some things that caught my eye.

catalog finds

I mean just look at the cover of this…

Anthropologie catalog

Let’s start with this sofa…

Linen Orianna Sofa -

Linen Orianna Sofa

Handcarved Menagerie Dining Table -

Handcarved Menagerie Table and chairs

Checkered Stars Rug -

Checkered Stars Rug

Paneled Epoque Mirror -

Paneled Epoque Mirror

Terai Folding Chair -

Terai Folding Chair

Bell Hand-Cut Decanter Pendant Lamp -

Bell Hand-Cut Decanter Pendant Lamp

Embroidered Cockatoo Pillow -

Embroidered Cockatoo Pillow

Moroccan Wedding Pouf -

Moroccan Wedding Pouf

Natural World Dessert Plate -

Natural World Dessert Plates

Meadow Grove Knob -

Meadow Grove Knob

And I loved these gift ideas, since we’re only 70-something days away from Christmas…

Filomena Baking Collection -

Filomena Baking Collection

Cities By Rooftop 2015 Calendar -

Cities by Rooftop 2015 wall calendar

Homegrown Monogram Mug -

Homegrown Monogram Mug

I was surprised how many things in this catalog spoke to me, but then again, I do love unique things in my home.  Just goes to show you you never know where inspiration can come from!  There’s an Anthropologie store not too far from me, so I think a field trip is in order!

By the way, you can find more catalog finds on my Pinterest board if you’re interested.

Hope you have a fantastic day!

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