DIY Stencil Drapes {Royal Design Studio Stencil Review}

Though it's hard to pick a favorite project in my Ugly Duckling dining room, I think the project that made the biggest difference in my space is my drapes... After living with simple blinds for soooo long, I was completely unprepared with how finished these drapes make my space feel! And this project had a ton of bang for the buck!  Here's how it came about... It all started when I went to Haven.   I was so thrilled to receive a … [Read more...]

Ugly Duckling Dining Room No More! {Blogging Without Borders}

I am sooo excited to share my Ugly Duckling Dining Room makeover with you!!  This has been a project of stops and starts, but I am thrilled with the end result.   I had to think outside the box AND try things  I'd never done before...  a challenge in every way!  But I think you'll agree that the payoff is huge... and now I will have a fresh and FINISHED dining room for the holidays! Before I get to the big reveal, let me remind you where we … [Read more...]

Just for Fun Friday

T.G.I.F!  We made it through the first week of school... though both high schoolers slept though blaring alarms this morning and had to be rousted manually (i.e. by Mom) so they could get to school on time.  Boo to early mornings. Yesterday I made some "Yippee!" kind of headway on the Ugly Duckling dining room, so I thought it would fun to share some little victories in what's turned out to be QUITE to undertaking. Remember my sad lamp on … [Read more...]

DIY Baby Spoon Display {Ugly Duckling Dining Room}

I am totally in love with my baby spoon display in my dining room, so I thought I'd share the "how to!"   It all started with these small racks I found thrifting with Charity a few weeks ago... They were $2 each and I got them for 20% off -- $6 for the four of them. :-) I've also gotten in the habit of trolling the hobby stores framing department for frames on clearance... especially open frames.  Many were custom orders … [Read more...]

Ugly Duckling Dining Room: Wall Art {Blogging Without Borders}

Time for another update on my Ugly Duckling Dining Room as part of our Blogging Without Borders challenge! And this dining room is indeed having its Season of Change!  I'm in mid-stream on two major projects for the space, with a third about to ramp up this weekend -- yikes!   But I'm so excited by how it's coming together... slowly but surely. :)  Today you get to check out the wall art I've come up with for the room. Previously I had … [Read more...]

This ‘n That Friday {Online Wall Decor Deals}

Happy Friday, friends!  It's been a crazy week -- one of those weeks where everyone needed me for something as we prep for back-to-college/school around here.  Gosh I hope I get it together in the next week or so! Anyhoo, today is all about the DEAL.  Who doesn't love a good deal-- especially for wall decor?? I came across this deal a few weeks ago on Decor Steals (formerly WUSLU)...   I could not have imagined a more perfect … [Read more...]

Ugly Duckling Dining Room {Blogging Without Borders}: Lighting

I really need another day to update you fully on my Ugly Duckling Dining Room lighting.  You know as part of our Blogging Without Borders project?  If you're new around here, you might want to check out my project here and the progress here.  It's fun to see it coming together! So you might actually get a bonus post later this week on more lighting!  But there is definitely progress on this front, so I'll go ahead and share where I am … [Read more...]

Thrifty Finds {Try Not to Hate Me}

Gotta love a successful afternoon of thrifting at your local antique mall!  On Tuesday, I was blessed to spend the afternoon with the lovely Charity from The Heartfelt Home.  We enjoyed a delish lunch in downtown Roswell and strolled over to the Canton Street Antique Mall to poke around and see what we could find. I totally scored! See those wooden spoon display racks?  Those will be incorporated into the wall art phase of my Ugly … [Read more...]

Ugly Duckling Dining Room {Bloggers Without Borders}

Ahhhh.  Amazing what a fresh paint color will do! As promised, here's my progress on my Bloggers Without Borders project, my Ugly Duckling Dining room... This was in the midst of the chaos-- forgive the blur, I was a little weak from that dad gum stomach bug. :-) The paint color is Behr's Silver Sateen, the same color I used in my Mom Cave (which is adjacent).  And because just painting isn't enough, I decided to reconfigure the … [Read more...]

Let’s Chip It!

Nothing like a deadline and out-of-town company coming to get your rear in gear on a big project, right? Yep, I'm in the midst of painting my dining room.  Because y'all get an update on my Blogging Without Borders project on Monday, so I had to have SOME progress to show you. :)  And my parents, niece, and nephews are arriving Saturday, so it was time to get it rocking so I could have things reasonably put back before they arrive (and … [Read more...]