Hello, Summer!

Once again, I didn’t mean to be gone so long! The end of the school year got totally away from me, which led to me being brain-dead for a couple of weeks. Then my site needed some server updates so here we are — halfway through June and a month into my summer “break.”

Lake Rabun

So far, it feels a little like a break, but I’m still working every day. The administrative part of running the school and Board of Directors is never ending, actually. And this summer, we’re doing two weeks of summer camp for the Little Ones — next week and then a week in July. So there’s quite a bit of planning and prep going on for that. On the bright (and more relaxing) side, I’m enjoying not setting my alarm clock every day, getting my workout in before 10am and then working on school things in blocks of time around hitting the pool, running errands, or getting lost in a good book (or two). We’ve also been out of town for the last four weekends — two to the lake (our favorite escape), one to Eufaula for a golf tournament, and then to Jacksonville to hang with our grandbaby and her parents for Father’s Day. So it’s been a busy few weeks around here!

I’ve got lots of content planned for y’all this summer, as I work on getting back into a routine of posting. Everything from books, to recipes, to a few projects around the house, some décor inspiration, and including some weightier topics like adult children, entrepreneurship, and some hard lessons I’m pondering these days. But what I’d like to know is — what would YOU like to see here?

And Another Thing…

A new HGTV sweepstakes to share — enjoy the eye-candy of waterfront homes in order to participate. Your day-dreaming self will thank me!

Enjoy the day, everyone!

xo Heidi

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