What I’m Reading, What I’m Loving on this Good Friday

And it IS a Good Friday.  My peeps will be gathered to celebrate Easter and while I see suffering and my heart hurts for many near and dear to me, God is at work. He is at work in a mighty way, y'all. I'm spending today quietly and that feels very right.  Not just to reflect on the sacrifice of our Savior as I wind up my Lenten journey, though that is undoubtedly part and parcel off today.  I have much to be thankful for, and there are some … [Read more...]

In Case You Missed It {February}…

After all the stress and angst of last week, God granted me a wonderful weekend of peace!  I was so blessed to spend Saturday with a dear friend, watching her daughter (my god daughter) play in a volleyball tournament and catching up.  Don't you love it when it's as if no time has passed since you last saw one another?  Sunday was warm and lovely and after church I spent a few hours in my yard, clipping, raking, and bagging debris from the … [Read more...]

A Gift of {in}Mercy

One of my favorite things I did last fall was participate in (in)Mercy, the (in)courage project to raise funds for and awareness of the important, life-saving work of Mercy House Kenya.  It was amazing to watch God show up as YOU were His hands and feet!  We far exceeded our fund-raising goals and the good work over there is growing by leaps and bounds. The wonderful folks at (in)courage sent me a glorious "thank you" in the form of products … [Read more...]

What I’m Reading, Working On, and Loving…

It's been a while since I did one of these and since I'm still a bit under the weather and behind on posting, I thought this would be a fun pre-Thanksgiving post.  I spent most of yesterday in the kitchen and getting a bit of Christmas decorating on (!), but I did have to dash out to snag a winter coat for the 15 year old.  He's grown so much in the past year (5 inches!) there was nary a coat in the house to fit him and with freezing temps and … [Read more...]

In Case You Missed It {October}

Holy Cow.  October flew by in a hurry, didn't it? My pause did not last nearly as long as I'd hoped, but I'm thankful there was a bit of one in there.  Here we are in November and the slide into the holidays is on its way! I think I'm actually ready to get some Christmas crafting going soon... is that scary or what? ;-)  Unfortunately when I look at our calendar for the month, I'm not seeing much time to spare!  Guess I'll have to get clever, … [Read more...]

This ‘n That Tuesday

I have re-entry issues. :)  When I travel on the weekends, Mondays are always a challenge -- laundry, grocery shopping, mail, email, and... oh yeah -- work!  Yikes! Last weekend was totally worth it, though.  If you follow me on Instagram, you got some peeks at our fun at the Auburn v. Texas A&M game and time with my family.  I'll be sharing some more photos later this week when I get them off my camera (!), but suffice to say it was an … [Read more...]

Tasty Tailgate Treat: Baked Artichoke Dip

First of all, Y'ALL ROCK. SERIOUSLY. Our (in)Mercy Classroom Addition was fully funded by 3:30 yesterday afternoon.   God is good and His mercy showed through each and every one of you that contributed in some way to this project. Look at these faces... these girls who will have opportunities anew now.   I'm seriously in awe and so humbled to have shared the need and the story!  There is more work to do for Mercy House … [Read more...]

(in)Mercy Phase 2 {And My Kenyan Connection}

Happy Monday and what a blessed way to start the week!  I enjoyed time with friends and my kids this weekend -- and even squeezed in a much-needed nap.  :)  And there's a spring in my step and in my fingers as I type this because....Phase 2 of (in)Mercy is officially underway, as of today!  Did you watch the video about the beginnings of Mercy House?  We, in our comfortable homes behind our computer screens, probably have a hard time wrapping … [Read more...]

Making it Count

  The beauty of having a blog -- and especially a blog as small as mine -- is that it's my space and I can write whatever I want.  Granted, you might not read it if you're looking for something else that day.  But I can still write it.  And when I named my blog "Decor & More" I deliberately left myself that option.  To write about "more" sometimes. Today is one of those days. I've made no secret of the fact that I've been … [Read more...]