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I have re-entry issues. 🙂  When I travel on the weekends, Mondays are always a challenge — laundry, grocery shopping, mail, email, and… oh yeah — work!  Yikes!

Last weekend was totally worth it, though.  If you follow me on Instagram, you got some peeks at our fun at the Auburn v. Texas A&M game and time with my family.  I’ll be sharing some more photos later this week when I get them off my camera (!), but suffice to say it was an amazing time!

Today I’m going to ramble just a bit, if you’ll indulge me…

1.  (in)Mercy.  I am awed and humbled by the way this project has taken off.    If you remember, Phase 2 the Classroom Addition was fully funded within 36 hours!   Since then, Phase 3, a new generator, has been fully funded AND Phase 4, a computer lab, is 75% there!


You can see from our sweet graphic, that the biggest phase — a second home — is yet to come.  I have prayed over this project along with thousands of women across the country (maybe even across the globe?) and I know that God is faithful.   Will you join me in praying for the success of this work of heart?

2.  An amazing read… You know how much I love a good book and this one ranks right up there among my favorites.

Million Little Ways

See that tag line?  “Uncover the Art you were made to live.”  This is for YOU.  And me.  Whether you have a creative bone in your body or not, it’s about embracing how you were made, how you are wired, what you have to offer this world.

I’ve read Emily’s blog for years now, and this is a marvelous expansion of her seeking and encouragement of others to seek.

Not sure?  The Bloom Book Club over at (in)courage is reading and discussing this work and we’ve just gotten started.   Read more about it at Emily’s blog and then check out the first video on (in)courage.  I’m halfway through this book and can tell this is one I’ll be going back to, over and over — it’s a book that is meeting me right where I am, knee deep in questions and pondering.

I would love to know if you’ve read this and what your thoughts are!

3.  31 Days Series.  You’ve probably seen these series going on all over blogland.  I contemplated participating — oh so briefly.  but the questions and doubts won out.  What on earth would I write about every day for 31 days?  How would I find the time?   Do I have anything worth saying?

Of course, now that we’re 22 days in, I have the inkling that I could — indeed — have taken part.

Do you ever talk yourself out of things?  I’ll be tucking away that feeling of YES I COULD for next year…

In the meantime, I’ve been enjoying Edie and Ruth’s collaboration on 31 Days of Less and More.  Have you been following any bloggers’ 31 Days Of series?  Please share if I’m missing out on something awesome!

4.  I’d like to write a letter to parents of today’s preschoolers.

I’m quite sure I’m not the only teacher that watches (and experiences) each new crop of students with increasing concern.  I have the perspective of a parent and step-parent whose children are gradually growing up and out… and I’m so thankful for that.   My days of facing bullying are winding down, and thankfully cyber-bullying was never part of my reality.  My children are respectful of others, especially authority figures and other adults.  And they are accountable.  Yes, my kids are accountable.  And always have been.  I’ve not ever been one to say “not my child” or look for excuses for bad behavior.  My kids also know that the world does not revolve around them.  They are valued.  They have much to offer.  But they are not entitled.  They want to be part of the solutions this world so desperately needs and not to contribute to the problems.  They are not perfect– far from it.  They have struggles and obstacles before them.  And I watch how they handle those obstacles and challenges and offer up prayers for wisdom for me and for them.

I say all of this not as a matter of pride.  In fact, I’m humbled by my children each and every day.  I marvel at their faith and their hearts.  They are who they are thanks to the Lord and God’s hand in their lives and in my parenting and step-parenting.

And from that perspective I am afraid for the little ones that come to me… more so each year.  I’m troubled by what I see adolescents,  teens, and young adults facing.  I’m fearful of their coping skills or lack thereof.  And I am equally alarmed by parental responses.  Or lack of responses.

These are just a few things I’d touch on in my letter to parents of young children today.  I could go on and on here, but I won’t.  These are just a few things weighing on my mind and heart as I greet my class each day.

If you’re a parent of a little one, what advice would you want to hear — or NOT want to hear?  If you have older children, what advice would you offer parents of young ones today?

Have I opened a can of worms? 😉

Thanks for letting me ramble on…  what’s on your mind today?

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  1. Couldnt agree with u more. Well rounded children are certainly a tremendous blessing but also a lot of love, support and guidance from their parents. Great post my friend!

  2. It always saddens me when I see parents not giving their children the time and love and nurturing that they need to grow into the best they can be….Have a great week Heidi!

  3. What a great post. Lucky you to be there at the game last Saturday…that was one awesome game…WAR EAGLE!!! I will be there this week after I finish hanging out with some blog friends at the Country Living show. It’s going to be one COLD game.


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