What I’m Reading, Working On, and Loving…

Oh, MLK Day to the rescue!  Or should I say, to my To Do list's rescue!  Once again I have several projects mid-stream and last week was crazy busy finishing up student evaluations and report cards and parent conference prep.  So how nice to have an extra day to cross a couple of things off my list and get some new things plugged in to my booth (remember that space?  yeah, it's in need...). So I thought today was a great day to share a what … [Read more...]

Happy February and French Linen Lovely

Well, we're experiencing some technical difficulties with our Inspiring Blogger Interview, so I'll bring that to you as soon as everything is resolved.  :-P  Hate it when modern technology doesn't cooperate don't you?  Maybe the fact that yesterday was National Backwards Day (did you know??) has something to do with it! As a Friday "happy," I have the honor today of being a Featured Blogger over at Fancy Little Things today!  I was a regular … [Read more...]

Here and There Thursday!

I'm a busy gal today!  Finishing up some things in my Ugly Duckling Dining Room (yay!) and a pow-wow with my pal and booth business partner Michelle.  Oh, and more preschool prep.  Whew! Today I'm guest-posting over at The Mustard Ceiling!  Do you read Elizabeth's blog?  She's fabulous, generous, and extremely gifted.  And she's in the middle of a big move, so she is graciously letting me share in her space.  I hope you'll pop over and leave … [Read more...]

Thursday Treasure Seeking

Hey there, friends! Today you'll find me at Fancy Little Things continuing our conversation about treasures in our homes... Pop over and weigh in on what you consider YOUR treasures in your home! I'll be back tomorrow... HOPING I have a dining room lighting update for you!! Enjoy your day... … [Read more...]

Creating a Peaceful Spot

Howdy!  I'm still digging out from a from a fun-filled few days with my parents, niece and nephews. We had a blast and now the catch up begins! Today I'm at Fancy Little Things sharing inspiration for creating a restful place in your home. I feel like I could use this about now!  Pop over and check out my inspiration photos... you may want to curl up in one of them. :) Back tomorrow to show off my grandmother's watercolors in their … [Read more...]

Going Coastal

I'm hanging out at Fancy Little Things today, sharing my thoughts on coastal decor.   Source: abeachcottage.com via Heidi on Pinterest     Come check it out and weigh in! I'm still painting the dining room today after a 24 hour stomach bug flattened me yesterday... the deadline looms. :-) … [Read more...]

Let’s Chip It!

Nothing like a deadline and out-of-town company coming to get your rear in gear on a big project, right? Yep, I'm in the midst of painting my dining room.  Because y'all get an update on my Blogging Without Borders project on Monday, so I had to have SOME progress to show you. :)  And my parents, niece, and nephews are arriving Saturday, so it was time to get it rocking so I could have things reasonably put back before they arrive (and … [Read more...]

He’s the Man…

And he's on "duty" while I'm nervously hob-nobbing at Haven today.   In the spirit of Father's Day we're celebrating "our" men over at Fancy Little Things this week, so I invite you to come meet my other half, the leaver of love notes and back flipper off the dock. :) And he's not bad to look at, either. :) Have a blessed day!   … [Read more...]

Perfect for the Weekend {Blueberry Salsa}

If you love the fresh stuff of summer like me you'll LOVE this recipe! Come join me over at Fancy Little Things where I'm sharing this family favorite... just in time for the weekend! What are your weekend plans??   … [Read more...]

Here and There

What a fun day!    My Moss and Burlap Wreath is being shared over at A Dust Bunny Life today.  You'll love this site --  KariAnne and Kelly highlight easy peasy DIY projects daily and share some hoot-n-holler pod casts about decorating, crafting, and living the "dust bunny life"... check these gals out! And you can also find me at Fancy Little Things today sharing gift ideas for Dads and Grads.  Come visit and share your own ideas!  I'm … [Read more...]