I Can’t Resist: Oriental Rugs in the Kitchen

Hey there, friends!  It's been a busy week for Legacy and RAIN RAIN RAIN for days, so a painting project I'd hoped to share isn't quite share-able today.  BUT... I did want to share a design idea I just can't quit these days...  oriental rugs in the kitchen. I was first intrigued with this a few years back when I spotted this image on Joan's blog for the love of a house... for the love of a house Which, by the way, if you don't follow … [Read more...]

In Case You Missed it: October

Oh my goodness.  November, y'all.   Over the weekend, I had to turn my heat on and we enjoyed our first fire of the season... well, the boys and I did anyway.  The hubs was off to enjoy his first weekend of hunting season.  So I got my craft on in a huge way and got my booth all squared away for our Holiday Open House later this week!  I'll share pics on Wednesday, but for today I'm recapping a very busy October.  Just in case you missed it. I … [Read more...]

It’s the Little Things (and a Big Thing)

Ever notice how something little can make you warm and fuzzy on the inside? Something little like organizing a kitchen drawer, tulips in a vintage silver pitcher, or this... A citron green chevron rug for my kitchen.  It also prompted me to wipe down my kitchen cabinets.  Yowza.  Needed to be done. :) Yes, thank you HomeGoods! I'm making little changes for spring (oh, spring, where ARE you??) and it's feeling pretty good. … [Read more...]

Small Space Project {Kitchen Island Drawer}

TGIF, y'all... what a week.  First of all, I want to thank you so much for the sweet comments and prayers yesterday.  Seeing all the pictures from the crash and hearing family testify about that terrible day has made our loss fresh again.  My children are especially battling their grief and anger anew, especially seeing no remorse from the man that killed their cousin.  I can't blame them.  Your continued prayers are coveted today, as we're … [Read more...]

Update: Small Space Project

Ah, we're still enjoying the last vestiges of snow here, but I'm quite sure it will all be gone by this afternoon.  It was beautiful while it lasted and traffic has resumed some semblance of normalcy after Tuesday's debacle.  While there was lots of Monday morning quarterbacking going on, I'm just hoping our city and county leaders have learned some things and we can all move forward.  I'm still camping out on the all the neighbors helping … [Read more...]

Set the Table for a Christmas Coffee (and a Rug Giveaway!)

Much as I enjoy a festive evening party, one of my favorite ways to celebrate the season with close friends is a Christmas Coffee.  I used to do this in conjunction with my Willow House business, but the simple formula works even better for a cozy get-together with a close pal or two.  And ever since I spotted some adorable Christmas plates and mugs at Tuesday Morning, I've been itching to pull together a Christmas Coffee tablescape to share with … [Read more...]

In Case You Missed It {October}

Holy Cow.  October flew by in a hurry, didn't it? My pause did not last nearly as long as I'd hoped, but I'm thankful there was a bit of one in there.  Here we are in November and the slide into the holidays is on its way! I think I'm actually ready to get some Christmas crafting going soon... is that scary or what? ;-)  Unfortunately when I look at our calendar for the month, I'm not seeing much time to spare!  Guess I'll have to get clever, … [Read more...]

Fall in the Kitchen

Hump Daaa-aaayy!    Had to go there... :)  Before I launch into lots of photos of my kitchen fall decor, I have to share this preschool funny from Monday... In honor of Columbus Day, we were discussing Christopher Columbus and his journey across the Atlantic Ocean.  The children's book I have about Christopher Columbus has an illustration of him at his desk, with a map, compass, hour glass, and armillary sphere.  Of course there were questions … [Read more...]

I Can’t Resist… this Antiqued Mirror Tile Backsplash

Happy Friday, friends... I hope you had a wonderful 4th!  We got rained out, but still enjoyed time with friends.  I even tried out a new recipe that I can't wait to share with you.  We're still on the Rain Train here, so outdoor activities are a no-go and a few projects have been put on hold... again.  Hopefully things will clear out this weekend so I can finish some things to share with y'all.  But if you follow me on Pinterest, you might … [Read more...]

What I’m Reading, Loving, and Working On…

Happy Friday, friends!  I've had a good week and it's finally starting to feel like summer... I even slept until 9 a.m. one morning -- total decadence, people. :)  So today I'm sharing some "happies"  -- just because. Monday night, my daughter and two friends of ours went to a book launch party for one of my favorite local authors, Mary Kay Andrews, and her new book Ladies Night!   What a great party in a newly opened antique mall (!) where we … [Read more...]