How’d I do? Home Goals for 2012…

I had some ambitious home goals for 2012... I actually chuckled when I looked back at this post!  They were lofty for sure, but I think I did pretty well... I'll let YOU be the judge! 2012 Goal #1:  Finish the Mom Cave. Well, I got close. And over all I'm pleased... The final projects will be detailed in my goals for 2013... coming SOON! 2012 Home Goal #2: Finish refreshing the family room. Again, I'm … [Read more...]

From Our Home to Yours… Merry Christmas

Dear friends,  my preparations are finished...  come on in. Into my foyer... Then peek into my dining room...       Then pop into my kitchen...       Into the family room... where our blended family stockings are hung... Where we added an ornament from our NYC trip... and one in memory of sweet Kaely, whom we lost in … [Read more...]

This ‘n That Friday {Online Wall Decor Deals}

Happy Friday, friends!  It's been a crazy week -- one of those weeks where everyone needed me for something as we prep for back-to-college/school around here.  Gosh I hope I get it together in the next week or so! Anyhoo, today is all about the DEAL.  Who doesn't love a good deal-- especially for wall decor?? I came across this deal a few weeks ago on Decor Steals (formerly WUSLU)...   I could not have imagined a more perfect … [Read more...]

A Home for the Watercolors {Thrift Store Frames}

At last.  A home for my grandmother's watercolors that she painted back in the 1950's.  After months of searching art supply and framing stores and pondering custom frames, a simple pair of thrift store frames got the gig. Once they got a little facelift and were paired with prefab mats from Michael's, they were the perfect solution. I love the way the finish turned out (read about that here).  I love that both her hands and … [Read more...]

Easy DIY Moss and Burlap Wreath

Once I finally took down my evergreen "M" that hangs in my kitchen window through the winter months, it just looked so bare.  When I then painted the walls that  very pale gray-green, I knew I needed something with a little punch hanging there... can't be too sleek and neutral now. :)  And I wanted natural elements -- or something resembling natural elements anyway. So I gathered up a few things I had laying around from other projects:  a … [Read more...]

A Kitchen Preview and Something Cool

I've officially lost my mind when I decide to repaint my kitchen during my week off.  The week when I'm all alone and could be antiquing, reading, lounging on my back deck, chatting on the phone with friends, starting happy hour at 5 sharp.  You know -- vacation???  But instead, I got the grandiose notion that this was the perfect time for me to repaint the kitchen. Granted, the Tuscan gold is 12 years old.  And the woodwork is all dinged … [Read more...]