Decor Trends 2017: Navy

TGIF, friends!  This week has kicked my hiney, with the time change and my work load!  I'm ready to SLEEP IN a bit this weekend if I can.  We're trekking through the repainting process of my home and still looking at some exterior refreshes, but we're slowly making progress.  #goals Today I wanted to share another decor trend in 2017 and this one is a favorite.  Yes, it's also a holdover from 2016, but I think it will continue to have legs for … [Read more...]

In Case You Missed It: January

Well, a few days got away from me and here we are into February!  Yikes!  If you follow me on Instagram, you saw that I broke away for a girls' weekend at the beach and got the bonus fun of celebrating a dear old friend's 50th birthday at the same time.  It was a good time and now it's back to cold/rainy/busy days here at home. :) I've got a list of posts for y'all coming in the next few weeks, but thought I'd flash back to January today, just … [Read more...]

What’s In: Pantone’s Color of the Year

During my recovery from my illness these past weeks, I spent a good bit of time poking around on design blogs and Pinterest...  it was a great way to recharge my creative batteries and scope out what's trending for 2016.  And it was hard to escape Pantone's color of the year:  Rose Quartz. refinery29 Pink!!   I have to say, I actually like this color but I wasn't sure how it translated to decor.  I most likely would not paint a room with … [Read more...]

Fireplace Makeover!

Happy Wednesday, y'all!  First of all, thank you so much for the sweet comments on Part 1 of the Legacy story... I sometimes hesitate to get too personal here, but this story has been such a faith walk I have to get it out of my heart and head!  Today, as promised, it's back to projects and I am sooo excited to share this one with you!  It's one of those that makes you think: why did I wait so long to do this???  A couple of weeks ago I gave … [Read more...]

Seeing Green

In honor of my No Spend Month I'd thought I'd touch on the Pantone color of the year... emerald green!  After all it's the color of money, no? ;-) It was catching my eye back in December when I fell prey to this lovely in the aisles of Target. In my defense, my kitchen rug was literally falling apart and I knew a beautiful antique rug wasn't going to be in my budget for quite some time.  But $17.99?  THAT I could do.  By the way, these … [Read more...]

A Kitchen Preview and Something Cool

I've officially lost my mind when I decide to repaint my kitchen during my week off.  The week when I'm all alone and could be antiquing, reading, lounging on my back deck, chatting on the phone with friends, starting happy hour at 5 sharp.  You know -- vacation???  But instead, I got the grandiose notion that this was the perfect time for me to repaint the kitchen. Granted, the Tuscan gold is 12 years old.  And the woodwork is all dinged … [Read more...]

Color it Spring!

I love seeing fresh new colors for spring... makes me want to break out the rollers and drop cloths! posted some eye-opening ideas for introducing spring color to your decor.  Here are my favorites...WOW! Are you awake yet?  Love the pop of tomato red with the turquoise and apple green.Hot pink, pink, and red... with lots of crisp white. Love, love!Apple green and white offset the abundance of honeysuckle.Blue and … [Read more...]

Color it Winter!

Settling into our winter decorating mode got me thinking about color-- the muted, peaceful colors of winter. has highlighted some of color trends for this winter and I agree!  How fresh are these? Charcoal and aubergineGold and celadonEggplant and grayGoldIcy Blue and whiteMetallicsNeutralsOliveWhiteThese are only some of the cool winter color schemes they feature at  Check the rest of them out and then … [Read more...]