Just for Fun Friday

T.G.I.F!  We made it through the first week of school... though both high schoolers slept though blaring alarms this morning and had to be rousted manually (i.e. by Mom) so they could get to school on time.  Boo to early mornings. Yesterday I made some "Yippee!" kind of headway on the Ugly Duckling dining room, so I thought it would fun to share some little victories in what's turned out to be QUITE to undertaking. Remember my sad lamp on … [Read more...]

A Kitchen Preview and Something Cool

I've officially lost my mind when I decide to repaint my kitchen during my week off.  The week when I'm all alone and could be antiquing, reading, lounging on my back deck, chatting on the phone with friends, starting happy hour at 5 sharp.  You know -- vacation???  But instead, I got the grandiose notion that this was the perfect time for me to repaint the kitchen. Granted, the Tuscan gold is 12 years old.  And the woodwork is all dinged … [Read more...]

New Additions

Remember when I said how much I loved my winter decor?  I mean, I l-0-v-e-d the look.  Famous last words because I'm a perpetual tweaker. :)  And a few new additions have me loving my winter look even more. I posted about my One Kings Lane finds a few weeks ago.  Well, when they arrived I could hardly contain my excitement.  And promptly added them to the mix in the family room. Recognize the round vintage botanical?  How awesome is … [Read more...]

Looky What I Found! {Wall Decor}

I was all set to share some new Catalog Finds with y'all (love all the fresh new catalogs arriving in my mailbox!) but I was stopped in my tracks by One King's Lane this morning.  Heard of OKL??  One of my favorite online decor sales sites.  While their beautiful wares don't always fit into my budget, this morning I found two lovely pieces I couldn't leave behind.   And her big sister...   What I love?  The round shape, … [Read more...]

Fab Finds at Your Fingertips

BUDGET ALERT!! What you are about to read could be dangerous to your decorating budget! Don't say I didn't warn you!I'm a gal that has to decorate (and redecorate) on a budget.  And while I love my Old Time Pottery and my HomeGoods, I also love to find great deals on higher end merchandise and unusual pieces.  The internet is alive these days with several incredible sites that do just that for us decor-lovers.I've blogged before about … [Read more...]

Sofa Re-Do: Lightening Up

This update has made such a difference in brightening up my family room!  And it was simple and inexpensive to do.Here was my sofa this fall and over the holidays:You can see-- it's a lovely chocolate suede but... it's A LOT of BROWN.So I went on a mission for lighter and brighter pillows and throws-- on a budget of course!  And here is the after:Here's what I did-- swapped out the largest dark brown throw pillows that came with the … [Read more...]

Flea Market Finds… and Other Fun Stuff :)

Last Friday I stepped into the Classy Flea here in Marietta for the first time in a couple of years.  I have never walked out of there empty-handed in the past and Friday was no exception.  Lots of pieces with potential and personality to be found... unfortunately, I walked in without my camera or iPhone (can you believe it?), so I'll just show you what I ended up bringing home.  Hey... it's better than nothing!  I was on a … [Read more...]

Mad for Metallics

My quest to lighten and brighten my family room has taken on new lustre.  Metallics have been around for awhile, but lately they are catching my eye more than ever.  Here's my family room challenge: it's not a very large room with only your average 9 foot ceilings.  It gets nice morning light, but can be quite dim in the afternoon hours.  I have a large chocolate brown suede sofa that is terribly comfortable and cozy, but … [Read more...]

Refreshing the Family Room Update

You've already peeked at my mantle makeover, so here's a sneak peek at what else is in the works!  I scored both the rug and these pillows at One Kings Lane this week.  I can't tell you how many wonderful deals they feature and they change frequently so there's always fresh finds available.  The rug in a 5'x8' size (I layer it over a larger flat jute rug) was only $49 and pulls in more of the green I've been looking for.  I … [Read more...]

Got $20K to Spare??

These beauties can adorn your front lawn for only $19,999.00!  Click over to One Kings Lane now to get yours!  Hurry, the sale ends November 15. :) … [Read more...]