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BUDGET ALERT!! What you are about to read could be dangerous to your decorating budget! Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

I’m a gal that has to decorate (and redecorate) on a budget.  And while I love my Old Time Pottery and my HomeGoods, I also love to find great deals on higher end merchandise and unusual pieces.  The internet is alive these days with several incredible sites that do just that for us decor-lovers.

One Kings Lane Sale Events

I’ve blogged before about One Kings Lane when I first discovered them last summer.  Of course, I love that they’re female-owned, but they continue to impress me with the variety and quality of the pieces they offer.  Here’s how it works: each day you’ll find one or two (or three) new sales from different vendors.  It may be an art gallery, a furniture maker, an antiques dealer, a publisher (you get the idea) and each will offer several pieces at incredible sale prices.  The catch?  Limited quanities and limited duration.  When you join for free, you’ll be signed up for regular emails that provide a sneak peek at the vendors and merchandise.  If you’re interested in shopping, simply click on the link, log in, and shop away! I’d like to personally invite each of you to join me there!  Click HERE to join the fun…you won’t believe the finds!

The next site I discovered is The Foundary by Hayneedle.  This site operates similarly to OKL.  Different sales offered daily by a handful of vendors, with limited quantities and for a limited time. When you join (for free, of course) you’ll be emailed about new sales and again, just click over to start shopping.  So easy! I’ve found these products to be a little more on the contemporary side, but they do have a nice variety as well.  I just bought a rug for my family room last week– you’ll see it here soon!  If you want to join this party, just click HERE so you won’t miss out!

Wuslu is my latest find, thanks to The Handmade Home!  I love this site because it offers ONE new steal a day… as in ONE product.  When the inventory runs out, sale’s over.  When 10am EST the next day rolls around, sale’s over…whichever happens first {although there’s a way to purchase sale items left over after time elapses}.  These products can be anything from lamps to furniture to candlesticks and other accessories.  Check out their history to see their previous offerings and you’ll be sold!  What else I like about this site: an ‘ideas for using this product’ feature and the global nature of their selections– interesting pieces from all over the world.  Click HERE to check it out and sign up for their Daily Email.

There you go.  You’re welcome. 🙂

Happy Shopping!

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  1. Courtney says

    I just found your blog and it's too cute! I had no idea that One Kings Lane was female owned; how cool! I'll have to check out Wuslu now! Thanks!


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