A Kitchen Preview and Something Cool

I’ve officially lost my mind when I decide to repaint my kitchen during my week off.  The week when I’m all alone and could be antiquing, reading, lounging on my back deck, chatting on the phone with friends, starting happy hour at 5 sharp.  You know — vacation???  But instead, I got the grandiose notion that this was the perfect time for me to repaint the kitchen.

Granted, the Tuscan gold is 12 years old.  And the woodwork is all dinged up from dogs and kids.  And I always said when the dog passed away, I would get everything ship shape.

Granted, the dog has been gone for 10 months now.  The kids are all gone for the week.  I already have the trim paint.  A gallon of new wall color is only $30.

Let’s be honest.  I have the time.  Darn it.

Have you ever noticed how when you start taping, sanding, and prepping, you realize how nasty your room has gotten??  I mean, do I never scrub the toe kicks under my cabinets?  When was the last time I dusted the top of the moldings?  And good grief, who spilled soda in between the cabinet and refridgerator??

I mean, I was exhausted before the “prep” work was even done!

No wonder it’s been 12 years since I painted my kitchen.

Then I was noticing all the quirky little pieces of trim and tiny gaps because my kitchen is completely pieced together.  No, I didn’t do it.  The builder 26 years ago did.  And this was HIS house.  You can totally tell the kitchen was designed by a man.  I had to hold myself back from sketching a new kitchen complete with elevations for me to tape on my husband’s bathroom mirror.  I’ll still do it for “someday” but for now, I just need to caulk, prep, and try not to think about it too much.  Or the spilled soda.

Oh well.  It’s all in disarray, so now I must finish.  Darn it again.

See my super-scientific method of choosing a paint color?  This is after countless samples have been purchased and applied in various spots around the room over the last 3 months.  (*Note to self:  think of a craft project that can use all those samples of every shade of grey-green known to man and Home Depot).

Here’s the new color…


 Color match of Behr 770C-2 Belvedere Cream*
although it’s actually a tad more green than this.  I’m loving it so far and how much brighter the kitchen is already.  And I’m beat.  And not finished.  Almost.  I think I’ll head over to KariAnne’s and just drool over her kitchen and pretend it’s my own. 🙂
Enough whining… how about something cool and new at One King’s Lane??
I mean, seriously?  As if I didn’t love them enough already, now they’ve got to go and add vintage pieces??  Word to the wise: this stuff sells out FAST.  So you’ll want to bookmark their site.  And they add new things DAILY!  Need an invite?  Click HERE.  You can thank me later. 🙂
Ok, enough chit chat — back to grind if I ever plan to show you the After pics!  Check out my Willow House page for updated samples for sale while you’re here.
Happy Painting/Decorating!


  1. Hope that in addition to doing something nice for the house this week you do squeeze in some time for a nice thing just for you. Yeah, I know you’ll enjoy a refreshed kitchen, but really, hope you are also having some you time. And I agree, it never ceases to amaze me, when I get “wall prep close”, just how much wrong is going on there right under my nose! Waiting for those after pics 🙂


  2. I hate prep work! Cannot wait to see the afters. I bet it will be divine 🙂

  3. I painted my kitchen grey a few months ago so I totally know what you mean! How did I not see those splatters of grease on the wall over the stove?! I love the color you picked! Can’t wait to see the After!

  4. It’s gonna be amazing! I know what you mean about the prep. Absolute DREAD!!! Yuck! It truly is the hardest part! The painting part is actually quite fun, I think!
    Can’t wait to see the after shots!
    If I lived close by, I would swing by with a big bottle of wine and some apps at 5-ish, just to make sure you got your happy hour! Heck, I’d even help you paint!

  5. Vicki Molina says

    Heidi, I have a number for a really great painter in Marietta……just sayin’!!!! He could be in and out in 1 to 2 days and no one would be the wiser!!

  6. Vicki, give me the number! I’m not touching the trim 🙂 Can’t wait to see the after photo’s Heidi!

  7. I must quote Barb of Grits and Glamour…her handyman is the Rolodex!

    Your hard work will pay off as I know the change will be fantastic!…Love the colors you are choosing…Yes, you are right..drool, drool over KariAnne’s kitchen…every time I see SW Rice Grain I think of her!!…but yes, like Robin said, please take time for yourself too…When you come to the end of the road, you will not remember the paint smell, you will remember the smell of beautiful flowers, you will remember how wonderful your babies smelled…

    Have a wonderful Easter with your family!

  8. Heidi…I think that color will look amazing. I’ve painted one room in my house every year for the 9 years I’ve lived here (slow progress, I know, but I had a degree, husband, kids). That leaves a half bath still to be painted and then I guess I need to start all over. The kitchen was my first, so it is first up for a repaint. I can’t wait to draw inspiration from your ‘afters’.

  9. Oh my gosh, having just gone through our bathroom remodel, I can so relate. Unfortunately, the way in which I relate is that it made me feel the rest of our house is “grody,” and “blecky,” and “disgusting!” And I’m dying to find the time to clean and repaint all our baseboards and molding, but that will mean I have to repaint all the walls. Which will lead to regrouting the tile. And that will require new carpet. And so on. Can’t wait to see the finished product! You’re gonna be whupped! It’ll be gorgeous though. Great color.

  10. Heidi,
    What a “fun” way to spend your vacation! At least tell me at 5 on the dot you cracked open a bottle of wine and drank a glass (or two) while you painted?!

    Love the color – can’t wait to see more!

  11. Ooh Heidi it’s going to be so pretty when you’re finished, I can’t wait to see it. I just repainted my kitchen cabinets weekend before last, I definitely understand how you don’t realize how the kitchen gets away from you until it’s time to paint…it will all be worth it in the end. Have a nice weekend!

  12. I love the grey-green! I can’t wait to see the big reveal once you are done and have rewarded yourself with that glass of wine!



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