In Case You Missed It x2 (April and May)

Y'all I'm so far behind, I never recapped April!  And since my feed was doing wonky things in late April/early May, I figured it warranted a quick recap of both months! I finally was able to regroup a bit after the crowd of young adults left on Saturday... things will be a tad quieter here now, so I've been working on some new DIY ideas and gathering supplies for a couple of home projects (yay summertime!).  But before we embark on June, let's … [Read more...]

Set the Table for a Christmas Coffee (and a Rug Giveaway!)

Much as I enjoy a festive evening party, one of my favorite ways to celebrate the season with close friends is a Christmas Coffee.  I used to do this in conjunction with my Willow House business, but the simple formula works even better for a cozy get-together with a close pal or two.  And ever since I spotted some adorable Christmas plates and mugs at Tuesday Morning, I've been itching to pull together a Christmas Coffee tablescape to share with … [Read more...]

In Case You Missed It {May}

I had to chuckle when I remembered writing about how crazy my month of May would be and that you might not see much of me on the blog during that month... ha!  I'm so thrilled to be into June when I can breathe a little, take stock of what projects I'd like to accomplish this summer, and catch up on blogging and reading. In case you missed some of these May moments, here's a look back! We squeezed in a lake getaway to recharge before … [Read more...]

Easy Photo Graduation Decorations

Yay for summertime!  We made it through the big graduation weekend and are now enjoying a few lazy days.  :) Our family and friends really enjoyed our celebration, so I wanted to share a few more graduation decoration ideas -- and these were easy to pull together quickly using photos I had on hand! I reused an idea from my daughter's graduation that I shared here using a plate. For the ribbon I used a wire-edged burlap ribbon (a … [Read more...]

DIY Burlap Moss Vases {a Dollar Store Project}

I love the Dollar Store.  A brand new one just opened up near my house and I could get lost finding great deals in there.  It was my first stop when I was preparing for my preschool Moms' Tea -- on the hunt for those simple glass cylinder vases.  I had a vision for this project... These were a big hit with my moms, especially since three of them got to take one home. :) Here's the how-to! Supplies you'll need: glass cylinder … [Read more...]

3 Simple (and Inexpensive) Graduation Decorations

Graduations are brutal on the budget!   I've been through a few and in preparation for my son's graduation in 9 short days, I revisited the decorations I made on a dime for my daughter's graduation two years ago.  In doing so, I thought I'd share them in case some of you are in the same boat I am! Old Time Pottery, WalMart, and Target were my best friend as I pulled these together!  Our high school colors are black and gold, so check out … [Read more...]

This ‘n That Monday {ASCP Graphite Table}

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend! Only 7 more school days for me with kiddos and then a work day and then --- graduation time!  Fortunately, my head cold didn't hang around too long (thank you, Airborne and Alka Seltzer Plus!), and I managed to make some major headway finishing up the guest room so it should be ready to share late this week.  I also tackled the garage (with some teenage help) and though it's … [Read more...]

I Can’t Resist: Threshold Thursday

Hey there, friends... I had every intention of posting more guest room progress this week, but... Ah the joys of high school sports!  Your weekday evenings are not your own. :)  Truthfully, though, it's been a blast watching him work so hard, improve his skills, have some fun and finish their season undefeated (My boy scored the final goal!).    And not only do we have a team of good players (REALLY good players), we also have a … [Read more...]

Preschool Cupcakes and Coffee with Mom…

Last week we celebrated our preschoolers' moms with a Cupcakes and Coffee spread.  This event is a lot of work, but the kids and the moms love it so much, I always feel that it is completely worth it!   So I thought you might enjoy a sneak peek of my "other" job... The tables are decorated with the children's gifts for mom:  scrapbooks of art collected over the entire year!  We save one project each month, then mount them and compile … [Read more...]

Graduation Party Decorations {Centerpieces and Wrap-Up}

Today I'll share the last of my DIY decorations I pulled together for Erin's graduation party.  When my son graduates in two years, I'll be able to whip these out in no time, even reusing the Congratulations banner and the buckets with flags {thanks for all your sweet comments on those, by the way!}. For the centerpieces, I pulled out my glass hurricanes (Willow House Hawthorne and Hemingway), juice glasses, paper shred, and three more flags … [Read more...]