Graduation Party Decorations {Paper Banner and Buckets}

Well, I can finally share some more of my handcrafted graduation party decorations!  Thanks for being so patient. :)  I wanted to share with you sooner, but -- well, you know the story.I posted HERE about the diy paper banner... still marvel at how simple and inexpensive this project was.  The measuring and cutting was a little time consuming, but I love how economical it was and I will reuse this, I'm sure.So here is the … [Read more...]

Graduation Party Decorations {and a Pity Party}

Not only am I prepping for my daughter's graduation party coming up this weekend (yikes!) but I'm also in the midst of a pity party myself.  My lap top crashed.  My trusty partner-in-crime and keeper of all my drafted blog posts and photos is in a coma.  So until I can get tech support on it, my husband's non-portable, slower, older,  and much in use desktop will have to do.  *Sigh*  Okay, enough of that...I've made … [Read more...]