Graduation Party Decorations {and a Pity Party}

Not only am I prepping for my daughter’s graduation party coming up this weekend (yikes!) but I’m also in the midst of a pity party myself.  My lap top crashed.  My trusty partner-in-crime and keeper of all my drafted blog posts and photos is in a coma.  So until I can get tech support on it, my husband’s non-portable, slower, older,  and much in use desktop will have to do.  *Sigh*  Okay, enough of that…

I’ve made some progress creating decorations on a dime for her party so thought I’d share.

Remember this?

I have a plan… and a vision.
Sorry for the unedited photos!  I picked up this patterned scrapbook paper on clearance at Target. Less than $3 for a pack of 8 sheets, all black and white and shades of gray.  These will become a “Congratulations” pennant banner.
You see my high tech method for figuring out how many triangles to cut. πŸ™‚
More of my high-tech methodology– ruler and pencil to mark out my triangles on the back of the scrapbook papers

Here are all my triangles, ready to be assembled and attached to black grosgrain ribbon.
I cut out smaller white cardstock triangles to act as mats for the letters.  Otherwise some of them might not have shown up well.  The letters are ArtSkills Quick Letter Pads.  We discovered these at WalMart a few years back and keep them on hand for posters and projects.  We love that they’re repositionable, with a Post it note-like sticky on the top back of each letter.  Just glue them down once you’ve figured out where you want them.
I like the layered look to this!
A customized Congratulations pennant banner for less than $6!  You’ll see the entire finished product once the   decorations for the party are in place.
More decorations on a dime to come. πŸ™‚
Happy Decorating!

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  1. Aimee Steckowski says

    love this!!! & where did you find those letters in wal-mart? do they still have them!! FUN!!

    i would LOVE to host your project sometime this month – wanna swap?! let me know if you see anything that you love & i'd be happy to send it over. let me see which monday i'll host several paper projects.. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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