Hi friends, I'm having a hard time believing Easter is upon us! I don't know where the time goes, but I take comfort in knowing I'm not the only one. :) I had a nice productive/super busy Spring Break last week and then traveled to Texas for a memorial service. The bonus, of course, was spending some unexpected time with my parents, siblings, and niece/nephews. But I have to confess I am DRAGGING this week. I happen to have a weekend at … [Read more...]

Good Reads: Organizing For Your Lifestyle Review and GIVEAWAY!

Greetings, friends and TGIF!  As you know I've been purging my household in preparation for our goal of downsizing... and boy have my eyes been opened!  I have spent a fair amount of time shaking my head over the accumulation of "stuff" throughout my home and thinking through how to bring order into our abode. Well I have a treat for you today in the way of sharing a new book that has been a timely resource for me these past several … [Read more...]

Weekend Project: Get Holiday-Ready

I don't usually post on Saturdays, but I thought this would be helpful for the onset of the holiday week.  I feel like we've either been out-of-town or hosting guests the last several weekends (not entirely true but it feels that way!).  And this year, I managed to be a bit proactive as far as getting my home ready for the holidays. #wondersnevercease  So with Thanksgiving looming less than a week away, I thought I share a few quick things I did … [Read more...]

Top Five in 2015

Hello, dears!  I pray you are all resting and reveling in holiday festivities with your loved ones.  It's hard to believe 2015 is almost in the books!  I thought this year would never end sometimes, and at other times it absolutely flew by with so much going on.  Maybe you feel the same?  Either way, I'm looking forward to all that 2016 holds and am spending these last days of 2015 reflecting, praying over the days to come, and contemplating my … [Read more...]

Declutter and Donate: My 2015 Lenten Discipline

Several years ago, I abandoned the idea of "giving something up" for Lent every year.  You see I was always landing on wine or chips and salsa or some such sacrifice that ended up ringing hollow in the spirit of Lent. It's a time for reflection, repentance, and self-examination, after all.  Five years ago I challenged myself to list 1000 gifts during Lent, after reading Ann Voskamp's One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You … [Read more...]

Five on Friday (and my Winter Mantel)

Friday, y'all... and I am so thankful.  This was another week of meetings and prayer as my precious school is being put through the ringer.  I can't go into all the details yet, but let me just say: Satan is alive and well.  I have never experienced spiritual warfare before, but I'm enduring it now.  So if my posts are a bit scarce for a while it is because I am drained.  BUT, I am optimistic and continue praying and seeking joy in my … [Read more...]

In Case You Missed It x2 (April and May)

Y'all I'm so far behind, I never recapped April!  And since my feed was doing wonky things in late April/early May, I figured it warranted a quick recap of both months! I finally was able to regroup a bit after the crowd of young adults left on Saturday... things will be a tad quieter here now, so I've been working on some new DIY ideas and gathering supplies for a couple of home projects (yay summertime!).  But before we embark on June, let's … [Read more...]

Small Space Project: the Master Closet (part 1)

Ever since I launched my Small Space Project back in January, the master closet has been inching toward the top of my list.    It really doesn't fall into a "small" space category, but it was in desperate need of reorganization, and was growing fangs from weeks of me sticking things in there to be dealt with later. I'm blessed to have lots of hanging space, shelves and even drawers in my master closet, so the state of disarray was … [Read more...]

Easy Thrift Store Makeover: Jewelry Tree

Ah, the weekend is inching ever closer!  I have so many projects in the works, but I wanted to share a quick and easy one with you today! Last week I was cruising through my local Goodwill in search of chairs, but instead I came home with this sad little wooden mug tree... I've been itching to better organize my jewelry and I had a vision for that little $1.21 fella... A vision that looked something like this... I like having … [Read more...]

Small Space Project: Cassie from Primitive & Proper

Hi friends!  I'm dragging myself home from a fabulous birthday weekend in NYC today -- what a treat to spend it with my BFF in one of my favorite places ever!  I'll share the low down later this week, but today I'm so excited to have Cassie from Primitive & Proper here to share HER Small Space Project!  I've been so tickled to get to know Cassie, both online AND in person.  She has mad furniture painting skills and a style so uniquely her … [Read more...]