Small Space Project {Kitchen Island Drawer}

TGIF, y'all... what a week.  First of all, I want to thank you so much for the sweet comments and prayers yesterday.  Seeing all the pictures from the crash and hearing family testify about that terrible day has made our loss fresh again.  My children are especially battling their grief and anger anew, especially seeing no remorse from the man that killed their cousin.  I can't blame them.  Your continued prayers are coveted today, as we're … [Read more...]

Update: Small Space Project

Ah, we're still enjoying the last vestiges of snow here, but I'm quite sure it will all be gone by this afternoon.  It was beautiful while it lasted and traffic has resumed some semblance of normalcy after Tuesday's debacle.  While there was lots of Monday morning quarterbacking going on, I'm just hoping our city and county leaders have learned some things and we can all move forward.  I'm still camping out on the all the neighbors helping … [Read more...]

Let’s Get Organized: The Small Space Project

Happy Monday, y'all... hope you're ready to tackle the week ahead!  I had an awesome low-key weekend of getting things done, making some plans for projects, and a good bit of reading, too.  The hubs was in a deer stand somewhere in South Georgia and the boys were all doing their own things, so I got a little "ahhhhh" time. :) Today I'm rolling out a project I've been contemplating since early Fall.  I planned to implement it long before now, … [Read more...]

DIY Burlap Corkboard (and Happy Bday to “Us”)!

Howdy hoo!  Still working on my re-entry from our trip... :-P.  Man, this has been a looooong week, but a happy good one.  Yesterday, I celebrated my birthday with 14 Little People, my fabulous fellow teachers, and my family.  If you ever want to feel like a total ROCK STAR, celebrate your birthday with preschoolers. :)   March is also my blog's 3rd birthday!  I can't believe it's been so long, but it's been an amazing fulfilling … [Read more...]

Home Goals 2013 {Finally!}

Ok, I know January is almost over, but it took me several weeks to really refine my home goals.  And they're not really refined.  I'm afraid I've set some lofty goals for the home, but maybe this will be my year to get a lot accomplished. :-)   Knowing me, there will be a fair amount of DIY and other decor distractions along the way, so we'll see! And here they are, in no particular order... Add drapes to the family room … [Read more...]

Fleur de Lis Love {Mom Cave Update}

Does it seem like my Mom Cave is taking FOREVER to finish??  Well, it is.  I've been working on it off and on for about a year now.  But I'm pleased with the progress of late and feel like I'm in the home stretch.   One of the things I've had my eye out for is fleur de lis accents for the space.  I've always loved the fleur de lis image -- it reminds me of my time in New Orleans when I was immersed in the study of art, architecture, and … [Read more...]

Get Your Inspiration Organized!

Hi gang, I'm posting over at Fancy Little Things today on how I organize my decor inspiration.  Is this a hot mess or what?? Join me HERE to find out how I tackle this beast... :) … [Read more...]

Looky What I Found!

Well, El Presidente is carting me off again for a weekend of deep sea fishing in the Gulf!  Of course, he's rushing me out the door, so I'm just sharing this quickie post with you. On a covert "pass thru" of my local HomeGoods, I spied these little Lovelies...Have you seen these magazine baskets before??  I love that they're flexible and sturdy at the same time!  If I was organizing a playroom, child's bedroom, bathroom, family … [Read more...]

June’s Favorite Things…

Welcome to my new monthly feature where I share with you my very favorite things from that month.  I hope this gives you a little peek into who I am, what I love, and what fuels me creatively!  I hope to surprise you just a little along the way, too.  Be sure to comment so I know what YOU think, and what your favorite things are!So here we go...Sun Tea made from Yogi Tea Bags.  What? you say?  Sun tea... a Texas thing, I … [Read more...]

What’s on Your To Do List? {Take the Challenge}

Do you have a To Do list this summer?  Is it growing fangs while you juggle kids, pool time, travel, and a general lack of routine around the house?  I've been almost paralyzed by my own To Do list, so when my friend Cha Cha over at Sit, Relax, and Read threw out the 10 Tasks in 10 Days Challenge, I was still loathe to jump on the bandwagon.  Ten in ten?  But then sweet persuasive Cha Cha let me know it could be simple … [Read more...]