Earth Week Sponsor Love: Green Acres Outdoor Living

  Happy weekend, friends! I have had the pleasure of working with the good Eco-conscious folks at Green Acres for over a year now and I'm so honored to partner with a company that operates beyond the call of duty when it comes to environmental responsibility. It's finally spring and if you're looking to update your outdoor spaces, Green Acres Outdoor Living is the place for you. Their outdoor furniture is made of recycled … [Read more...]

In Case You Missed It {February}…

After all the stress and angst of last week, God granted me a wonderful weekend of peace!  I was so blessed to spend Saturday with a dear friend, watching her daughter (my god daughter) play in a volleyball tournament and catching up.  Don't you love it when it's as if no time has passed since you last saw one another?  Sunday was warm and lovely and after church I spent a few hours in my yard, clipping, raking, and bagging debris from the … [Read more...]

Sponsor Spot Light: Shop Small Saturday!

It's no secret I'm a fan of small businesses... after all, I AM one!  And I'm so pleased that all of my sponsors here on Decor & More are small businesses, too. Did you know small businesses provide 55% of all jobs and 66% of NEW jobs since 1970 (   They have a direct impact on the economic health of our communities and I feel we all have a responsibility to support them. Now, don't get me wrong... I love a good sale, and it's … [Read more...]

Saturday Sponsor Love

Happy Saturday!  I'm so thankful to have this space to share, brainstorm, get creative!  And I'm also ever so thankful for my sponsors here at Decor & More. I've added two new sponsors recently and I'm so happy to support small businesses like these.  Welcome to North London Heating and Plumbing.    "North London Heating & Plumbing are located in London and provide a full range of heating and plumbing services including boiler … [Read more...]

Showing Some Sponsor Love

Good Monday morning, friends!  A quick aside -- my home page has been down for the last few days, but you can view specific posts.  Please bear with me as I try to sort this out... technical difficulties are not my strong suit! Today, I'm happy to sing the praises of my wonderful sponsors! I love supporting local businesses and Green Acres Outdoor Living offers beautiful and eco-friendly pieces for your outdoor spaces. I'm longing for … [Read more...]

A Little Housekeeping & Outdoor Living Inspiration

Hey there... anyone else tend to let the housekeeping go during busy times?? Please tell me I'm not alone... My default when things are hectic are go into management mode -- i.e. doing the bare minimum to keep things running.  So when things slow down a bit I'm faced with a mountain of housekeeping.  Filing, sorting, organizing, purging, cleaning.  Ugh.  It's so -- "un-vacation-y". Such is my world right now... but I did put my blinders … [Read more...]

New Sponsor Welcome: Green Acres Outdoor Living

Happy Monday, y'all!  We enjoyed a soggy weekend at the lake, but it was still pretty amazing and I got some seriously good sleep... something about the mountain air and being on the water, I'm thinking. :)  I took some pics and will share with you later this week... including a new book I'm reading that I can't put down!  Stay tuned... I'm so pleased today to welcome Green Acres Outdoor Living as a sponsor here at D&M!  I'm especially … [Read more...]

Sponsor Love: & An Invite for You

We interrupt this week to bring you an important tidbit of sponsor love... I have to take a moment to rave about my dear friend Aimee at   She is creative genius of the design you see here at Decor & More and has been racking up quite the portfolio of clients... Do you read Thistlewood Farms?  Redoux?  I thought you'd recognize a few of the big blogs on her ever-expanding client list... She is a creative talent, an … [Read more...]

Sponsor Love and A Last Chance…

Howdy hoo, friends... ever notice how a short week can seem like a really looooonnnng week?  Lots of juggling going on here, but I am making some progress on a few DIYs I can't wait to share with y'all. Today I wanted to give a little sponsor shout out since February is all about love... Have you met Aimee from She is the creative design guru that brought Decor & More to life for me!  I "met" her online a few years … [Read more...]

Shop Small!! Let the Games Begin…

Happy Black Friday, friends!! I will NOT be braving the malls today... in fact, I rarely brave the malls anymore.  We're traveling and enjoying family and some football -- my favorite way to spend a fall holiday! Tomorrow is Shop Small Saturday, a day when we can all support our small businesses.  As a small business owner, I am thrilled to see American Express and our communities once again recognizing the importance of small business in … [Read more...]