Do You Prime?

What did we ever do before Amazon Prime? I’m sure you’re aware that Monday and Tuesday are Prime Days at Amazon — SO many good deals to score! Here’s my one tip for shopping this sale: Be focused on what you’re looking for. Otherwise, you’ll end up going down a rabbit hole and trust me – you can’t get that time (or that money!) back! I will be scoping out a handful of things, but today I wanted to share a few of my favorite Amazon purchases of late.

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides. I started using this in my morning coffee (it’s flavorless!) about 6 weeks ago and am noticing good changes in my skin and nails already! It’s also helped with healthy digestion and reduced bloating, which has been awesome with all of our travel this summer.

Revlon One Step Hair Dryer and Styler. Two words — GAME CHANGER. Y’all, I learned about this from a friend two years ago and it has been a God-send to my wavy-not-curly-tends-to-be-frizzy hair self! It kinda cracks me up that all the style and beauty bloggers are on this band wagon now — good to feel I was ahead of the game lol! But seriously, two years in and mine is still going strong.

GRECERELLE pocketed maxi dress. I bought this in navy and have LOVED it. Lots of colors to choose from – perfect three-season dress – and sooooo comfortable! You’re welcome. 🙂

My favorite pens. I’m something of writing instrument junkie — give me all the pretty pens and if it writes smoothly, I’m all in!

These dot grid notebooks. Love these for journaling, note-taking, and general organization. I like to incorporate mind maps sometimes and the dot grid gives me endless possibilities.

I’ve seen lots of good deals on electronics and appliances, so again, I encourage you to know what you’re shopping for before you log in. 🙂

Wishing y’all a great day and happy shopping!

xo Heidi

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