Front Porch Update

Hi gang – as promised, I’ve made some more progress on the front porch, so I wanted to bring y’all  into the loop!  It’s not 100 percent finished, but it’s darn close!  Here’s our inspiration photo…

spring porch 7

And here’s where we started…

my porch before

The biggest change we made was adding these beauties…


They were on sale at Hayneedle right before our anniversary, so we decided to bite the bullet and go for it!  The hubs was able to assemble them very easily and they look amazing — just what we going for!

You can see I also relocated the bench to the other end…

porch full right

We’ve got great seating out here now!  I”m still pondering the future of that little table in between them… spray paint?  Replace with a garden stool as in my inspiration pic?  Hmmm….

I’ve got thoughts for a piece to add to this blank space now…

porch left

So I’ll be working on that in the next several days.  I’m reevaluating the throw pillow situation also and see a trip to Ikea in my future. 🙂

We dressed up the front door with my patriotic door bucket and two ferns before the graduation party…

front door ferns

So it’s coming along!  I’ve started bringing my coffee out here in the mornings and it’s been divine!


Yay for progress!  What are you making progress on this summer?

Enjoy your day, everyone!

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  1. glad you are enjoying your space. looks so peaceful and calm as moments during our day should be. Happy summer. i sure hope i will get a chance to see you one day soon.

  2. Kelly Palmer says

    It is looking good Heidi 🙂 I really love the long wooden table in your inspiration picture. We are working hard on home renovations this summer and getting things accomplished slowly but surely!

  3. love the black rockers and the ferns! i always love ferns on a porch!

  4. Love, love it Heidi!….Should keep Hayneedle in mind for the future…I just bought my son 2 black rockers from Cracker Barrel for Father’s Day….

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