Guest Room Progress…

Have you ever noticed how a making up a bed makes a bedroom feel more pulled together?   Things are slowly coming together in the guest room, but I was totally jazzed when I got the sheets, blankets, and pillows on the beds.

I’m going with simple white sheets and cotton blankets for now… I’ve always loved that summery look.    I’m still on the lookout for shams… I’m thinking a Euro sham, because the beds are actually tall, even though the head boards aren’t so much.

Those cute little raspberry damask throw pillows were an online score from  And the quilt just had to be added… it was made by my grandmother and somehow belongs in this room.

And remember my score?  Here she is IRL…

Y’all I am so in love with this piece!!  It’s just propped up on the dresser, but I hope you can see how vibrant and beautiful the colors are and the textured look.

Here’s the framed lithograph I’ll be adding in as well…

I bought this lithograph in a little antique mall about 13 years ago and it’s been languishing in my basement for the last 6 years or so… don’t ask me why… it’s pretty awesome!  It’s by Zule Moskowitz, an Argentinian artist.  I’ve actually got one other of her pieces; she does delightful renditions of “cafe society” of the  20’s and 30’s.  I think this piece will be a fun addition to the room.

This weekend I’ll be paying a visit to Ikea to fill in a few gaps and will be doing some presto-chango with the painted furniture in the room, too.  You might have noticed that random blue drawer sitting on top of the purple desk?

That’s a drawer from a piece I have in our family room that I actually think will be a better fit in this room… and won’t need a paint job!  I brought the drawer upstairs to see how that blue plays with the bench and the room itself.  Success!  Shopping my house, people!

Still working on window treatments, shams for the beds,  and lighting.  The wall decor is pretty much figured out, just ready to be hung once the proper furniture is in place.


What’s the last switcheroo you pulled with the furniture in your home?


  1. oh i am loving the pretty girly colors!!! what a fun space!

  2. Ooh love that art! And the throw pillow and your grandmother’s quilt. So sweet!

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