Stay-At-Home Artist and a Dark Wax Experiment

Hi there, friends, and Happy Monday to you!  Do you hear the clock ticking toward Christmas??

Today I’m hanging out over at Stay-at-Home Artist…do you know Kacey?  She’s got a sweet little Etsy shop and does all these wonderful crafty artistic projects that I just love.  And now she’s out loving on a brand new bambino… how sweet is that?  Pop over and say hello!!

I also wanted to share my first foray into DARK WAX.

I was afraid.  I don’t know why, but I was.

And then I got brave with a wood end table…

Yes, the driveway painter/stager strikes again… I did crop out the part showing my car parked right there. 🙂

This little table was a flea market find — solid wood but a nice orangey color I couldn’t abide.  And, of course, I forgot to take a before shot!  Anyhoo, Annie Sloan French Linen to the rescue!

I painted two coats on the body and drawer front, 3 coats on the top.  Then I sanded and lightly distressed.

Then it was clear wax followed by dark wax, working in small sections.  This was MUCH easier than I’d feared!  I just used a little clear wax on my rag to remove or tone down the dark wax I didn’t want (because it goes on REALLY dark).

I let it dry overnight and then buffed it.

Got these fun little knobs at Hobby Lobby 50% off… aren’t they perfect for this piece?

And, I just noticed that one of my knobs is a little wonky in the pictures, because I’m impatient like that… and clearly needed to be blowing the leaves off my driveway.

This little lady is loaded into the booth, waiting for someone to take her home!

I got almost all of my decorating done this weekend and managed to squeeze in watching the SEC Championship game (the Dawgs are champions in my mind!) AND “Elf” (one of my favorite Christmas movies EVER), baked some cookies, and made a pot of homemade chicken soup.  There was also a little online shopping finished up and a start made on addressing Christmas cards.  Woo hoo for productive weekends!

I’ll begin sharing all my Christmas decor later this week.

How was your weekend?  Any baking or decorating done??

Sharing at Primitive and Proper this week!


  1. that table is so cute! i love the knobs! 🙂

  2. Did I see this table on craigslist last night? 🙂 I remember thinking it was super cute but didn’t know it was yours! Love the makeover!

  3. Ohhh, she’s so pretty! The knobs were made to be on that little table.

    PS – I honestly thought your act of waxing bravery was going to involve armpits or a mustache. But I guess that’s just me and all my extra hair. 🙁

  4. Very cute! I love my dark wax. You know what they say about going dark…

  5. Sounds like a great weekend. Love the way the dresser turned out. One of these days I will get my hands on some chalk paint…one of these days. Happy Monday 🙂

  6. I love how that turned out! I’m actually going to a painting class sometime this month with my mom to “learn” how to do that with chalk paint and the clear and dark waxes. Probably don’t need a class but it’s great for bonding time and I”ll be sure to learn everything right the first time vs. trial and error! Great job!

  7. love it and it’s wonky knob 🙂 YAY Dawgs!

  8. At 50% off those knobs are really cute. Well, just like Amy I thought this post was about hair removal. Nonetheless, enjoyed reading it:)

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