I Can’t Resist…An Occasional Chair

There’s just something about a simple chair.  An “occasional” chair that by design and definition is a versatile furnishing in your home. I was looking through some vignettes I’ve pinned over the last several months and a common theme emerged…


Source: houzz.com via Heidi on Pinterest


Our aunt is queen of the understated occasional chair in her Lake Rabun home





Are you drawn to them like I am?

Goodwill chair after

Maybe it’s the Goodwill chair revamped.

flea market blue chair

Or the flea market chair I spray painted.

Or my grandmother’s slipper chair that graces my Mom Cave.

They just suggest that there’s always room for one more to pull up a chair.

Love that.  In fact, I can’t resist it.  🙂

Happy Friday, friends!  Monday I’ll be back with an update on the Ugly Duckling Dining Room… there’s been progress I can’t wait to share!


  1. i am with you- i love little chairs everywhere!

  2. Heidi I love the blue chair that your painted…nice post!

    Have a delightful weekend!

  3. Well now all I can think about is how and where can I put an occasional chair in my home! Love the inspiration …



  4. HA! I know, you get on a kick for something and you want them ALL. It’s so hard. I think we all need about 5 houses to decorate 🙂 Love your eclectic collection!!

  5. I love them too!! It’s such an easy way to make a statement without committing to painting a whole wall, etc! I still LOVE your blue chair. 🙂

  6. oooo lawd…I do love an occasional chair! Have one sitting in my living room right now, waiting for a makeover. Two more in the basement, ready for me to give them some assistance. Yep–I am a sucker for a nice occasional chair!

  7. I love them too! Single chairs sell really well! I’m always refreshing one or two :). Have a great weekend!

  8. Heidi, I love that slipper chair!!…Oh do not get me started with chairs….My hubby counted 18 chairs in the attic…I really gotta do something with that problem!!….Hope you are having a great weekend!!

  9. I love finding that cast off chair with no mate! What to do with it – no body knows – but it’s sure to make it’s way home with me!

  10. Yes! I wish I had a hundred more good spaces for occasional chairs in my house!

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