I Can’t Resist… Vintage Tape Measure Wall Decor

Hello, friends… back today with a little something that caught my eye over the weekend!  It’s been a while since I shared something I can’t resist, but I was perusing some catalogs yesterday and came across this gem…

Ballards tape measure plaque

Ballard Designs

How sweet is that?  The set of two for $69 on Ballard’s website

I think these would be so cute in a child’s room or hanging on the back of a bookcase.  They can hang horizontally or vertically.

What say you?

And here’s a little bonus for your Tuesday — my friend Debbie at Refresh Restyle is giving away a BOATLOAD of burlap for all your spring crafting (yes, let’s talk about spring!).  Everything from yardage to triangles for bunting to grain sack burlap.  I can only imagine the possibilities!  Click HERE to enter!

Enjoy the day… Mardi Gras Tuesday!

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  1. Those are fun! Happy Lent, Heidi! (Does one wish a “happy: Lent? Because that doesn’t seem right. Maybe “Pensive Lent?”)

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