Shut The Front Door! {Going Bold}

Well, I did it.  It’s been on my to-do list since last summer.  Actually longer than that!  I just didn’t articulate it until last summer. 🙂  See how I get around my to-do list being too monstrous?  Think about projects, just don’t SAY they need to be done.  Ha!

Anyway, I was stumped on a color.  I loved the look of black interior doors…


And of course, there is the red I have on the exterior of the front door that looks a little like this…


And I am also smitten with a fun color like this turquoise…

Source: via Heidi on Pinterest


Hmm. I knew I could go a little bold because of the lovely half-light that keeps my foyer nice and bright all day long.

foyer door before

Yep, that basic white door wasn’t doing anything for my foyer, was it?

Enter Sherwin Williams Let’s Chip It tool!  I took a picture of my grandmother’s Oriental rug that graces my foyer and let the Chip It tool go to work on a paint color…

Ah, yes, Rainstorm!

So with a Sherwin Williams sale in progress, I snapped up a quart of Rainstorm and went to work.  This after photo really doesn’t do the color justice… with such bright light coming from outside, it’s hard to capture the true color.

foyer door after

But I think you get the gist, right?

This space is right next to my newly redecorated dining room, and I love how the bold blue works with the cool grays in there.

These spaces feel REALLY finished now… for the first time in 13 years!

So here you go… a foyer transformed by painting the inside of the front door!

foyer door before


foyer door after

Even the hubs loves it!

Mission accomplished. 🙂


  1. It looks great, Heidi! We have to leave the inside of our door white, but when we repaint the front of the house, the outside is going mustard!

  2. What an awesome statement!! Love, love it!!!

  3. LOVE it! i want to work on our hallway next including the backside of our front door- ot sure what yet though!

  4. It looks gorgeous Heidi!! The “Rainstorm” was a great choice!!

  5. It’s REALLY beautiful! The perfect finishing touch!

  6. SUCH a beautiful color! My entryway gets almost no light, so I’m wondering if I should go bold or stay safe. I’m thinking go bold!

  7. You go girl! It’s the perfect accent for the room!

    Thanks so much for inspiring me today!

  8. LOVE the color you chose. I convinced my hubby to do a bold red on the outside of the front door…I dunno if he’d go for color on the inside, too. I’ll have to work on him. 🙂 Yours looks awesome.

  9. I really like it Heidi!

  10. Wow Heidi..that color is fantastic…really made the foyer pop!….love it!

  11. so cute! I want to go bold with our front door too! I just got a new one, but it might be a while before hubbs gets it installed. Hopefully by that time he’ll come around to my bold color choice!

  12. Oh that was SOOO the right decision. It is perfection!

  13. Love it! Great minds think alike, I just painted my door Turquoise too, such a happy colour!


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