Simple September Centerpiece

One of my favorite things about September is that it’s not quite the end of summer and not quite fall yet.  This super simple centerpiece is inexpensive and celebrates the seasonal transition.
What you need:
  • Any glass bowl, though a footed glass bowl like my Ruffled Glass beauty from Willow House adds a bit of height (click here for ordering information).
  • 2-3 faux or fresh artichokes (these came from Target)
  • 1 bag Fuji apples ($3.99 @ Publix).  I like the Fuji apples because you get the reds, yellows, and greens all in one piece of fruit.
  • 24 inch berry garland (available at local craft stores like Michaels).
How to do it:
Pile apples and artichokes into your glass bowl, making sure the artichokes are visible.  Wrap your berry garland around the outer edge, making sure some of is tucked among the fruit and some is draping off the sides of the bowl.
Enjoy.  Happy September!


  1. Completely Coastal + Daily Vitamin Sea says

    I love September…, summer is officially over after Labor Day, but it's still warm…, free beach and less crowds! That said…, happy weekend and Labor Day!!

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