Summer Travel {Pinnacle Port and Carillion Beach}

As I’m back in my classroom now and thinking ahead to fall (can you believe it??), I’m thinking wistfully of our last blast at the beach right before Haven Conference.  Even though it made the week before school started a little hectic, it was such a lovely getaway!

There were rainbows over morning coffee…

PCB rainbow

Body surfing…

PCB teenagers

Pelican watching…

PCB pelicans

Chilling with this girl…

PCB Erin

Relaxing in a chair with my name on it (does it get better?)

PCB chair

And sunsets like this…

PCB sunset


We were staying in a high rise adjacent to the beautiful Carillion Beach community, so on one of my morning walks, I took the camera along to snap some pics of this charming place.

Carilion Beach welcome

There are shops, restaurants, and a large grassy common area for concerts and gatherings.

Carilion Beach street

These homes are actually beach front… not so quaint, eh?

Carilion Beach beach access

One of several beach access points for the community.

Carilion Beach yellow

Loved this sweet little yellow cottage…

Carilion Beach landscape

And this beautifully landscaped little picket fence…

Carilion Beach bell tower

And the community bell tower, located smack in the middle of the community with streets radiating out from it.  See the little bike-riding lesson going on there?  Next to no car-traffic through here — it’s all golf carts, bikes, scooters, or your own Hush Puppies. 🙂

Carilion Beach palms

Some of the houses further away from the beach sport these widow’s walks or crow’s nests… bet the view of the Gulf from up there is spectacular!

Cailion Beach alley way

And these quaint little alleyways between houses and connecting streets… I wouldn’t mind that shady stroll to the beach, would you?

Carilion Beach cottages

While many of the cottages look similar, no two are exactly alike…

Carilion Beach blue chair

Sorry for the blurry pic (camera fog), but I had to share this weathered turquoise adirondack chair.  Love!

Carilion Beach chapel

Near the front of the community and just across the grassy quad is this chapel… picturing a destination wedding here.

Carilion Beach foliage

Just the trees and landscaping, and pockets of cool shade are wonderful!

Carilion Beach brick path

More brick paths connecting streets… think I could sit on one of these benches and enjoy an ice cream.

Carilion Beach fish

And one of my favorite quirky beach details… and there were PLENTY!

PCB lake

There’s also this incredible lake between Carillion Beach and Pinnacle Port, which is where we stayed… all very scenic and surprisingly quiet for the last week in July!

PCB Pinnacle Port

I usually walk or jog on the beach, but I’m so glad I took the time to walk these streets on our last full day there!  I’ll be tucking some of these photos away for “Someday-Second-Home” inspiration!

What was your favorite trip this summer?  Anyone else got the back-to-school blues??

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  1. We are back (kids on Monday), so I am wishing I were inside your beautiful pictures right now! Is this is Georgia? It looks beautiful and peaceful.

  2. looks so pretty and charming!

  3. Looks like you took a nice walk thru our office. We spend our Summers photographing families on those beautiful beaches and winter making
    some of those fun accents and furniture. Its tough but someone has to do it

  4. Kelly Palmer says

    So beautiful and thanks for sharing your pictures with us Heidi 🙂

  5. Gorgeous – nothing like a good relaxing vacation at the beach! I’ll be heading to Maine soon – and my girls don’t go back to school til after Labor Day!

  6. That is such a beautiful area…so glad you had a wonderful time enjoying the beach and the houses!…yes, a second home would be the greatest there!!!…

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