$1.50 for New Treasures

Remember these?

Nothing like a little of this…

So you can end up with these…


I thought I would clean up the brass using Brasso, but when I got to cleaning and polishing, I noticed that several of the glass inserts were cracked in the corners and two flat out broke while I was working!  So I popped out all of the glass, grabbed my trusty spray paint and went to town.

I LOVE the new finish on these!

They look right at home on my front porch!

I’m still considering creating new handles for them, but I like the idea of hanging them at some point for outdoor dining and entertaining, so I’m still thinking that through.  In the meantime, I’m enjoying them as is.  All $1.50 of them. 🙂

What’s your latest thrifty find?

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Happy Weekend!




  1. Wowzers! Great find. They have similar versions at PB for $30+!!

  2. Turned out great! What a great find and a great makeover. Can’t beat the price!

  3. They are so pretty with a nice coat of fresh paint! have a wonderful evening!

  4. They look brand new, Heidi! Great choice of color and I’m sure you’ll get lots of use out of them throughout the year.

    Visiting from Met Monday! : )

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