$1.50 for New Treasures

Remember these? Nothing like a little of this... So you can end up with these...   I thought I would clean up the brass using Brasso, but when I got to cleaning and polishing, I noticed that several of the glass inserts were cracked in the corners and two flat out broke while I was working!  So I popped out all of the glass, grabbed my trusty spray paint and went to town. I LOVE the new finish on … [Read more...]

This ‘n That Monday

I'm in mid-stream on a few projects right now, plus the beginning stages of holiday prep-college kid plus a boomerang stepson coming home for Thanksgiving.  Ever feel like you have a few hundred balls in the air? :)  Good thing they're happy balls! Since I don't have much to share today, how about a little this 'n that? First of all, on Friday I had the ENORMOUS pleasure of meeting Charity of The Heartfelt Home IRL!  Charity won my Holiday … [Read more...]

Tip of the Week: Light Your Way

I've been inspired by all the beautiful and varied lanterns I've seen in stores, online, and in catalogs lately.  Now that your yard and deck are party-ready, be ready to shed some light and ambience on your outdoor decor with a collection of lanterns.  Not only are they the perfect disguise for those oft-needed citronella candles to control unwanted guests, but they're a wonderful and cozy alternative to flood lights or porch … [Read more...]