Art for the Mom Cave and a Road Block

I’m sooooo excited about the art for my home office {Mom Cave}!  Here’s a hint…

“Emily’s Girls” by the fabulously talented Inslee.
And then there’s…
Canopy Flat Gallery Mat, Black
My go-to frames from WalMart (inexpensive and sturdy!).
Are you getting the picture?  I framed all of my treasures from Inslee, but held off hanging them.  You see, my beloved purple office/mom cave has got some molding in the upper portions of the walls that’s just gonna have to go.  I’ve been fighting it, because it means repairing the walls after removing the molding AND repainting {which probably needs to be done anyway}.  In other words, this on-going Home Office/Mom Cave makeover has mushroomed.  But I realize that it’s better that I really do it RIGHT and make it just like I want it.  Here’s what I mean…

Just as a disclaimer, all of this molding was in place when I bought the house. 🙂  I’ve managed to work around it but am now tired of doing so… you can see how it limits your options for wall decor!  The area below the chair rail will keep the molding but become all white, so my lovely purple will have greater pop on top.  That’s the plan!  Thoughts??  Feel free to share!
On a side note, my blogging schedule has been a little sketchy these past few weeks while I get my People and myself into our new “normal” this year.  Thanks for bearing with me!  I plan to be back on my regular publishing schedule after Labor Day.

In the meantime, head over to Inslee’s delightful online shop and check out her prints, notecards, calendars, and more!

Happy Decorating!


  1. I love room makeovers. Good luck on it.

  2. elizabeth@themustardceiling says

    Love,love love the prints you chose. I am headed over to Inslee's shop now. Can you paint the molding to blend into the wall? It might not work since you want to put up artwork, but it would definitely blend it in and wouldn't be as noticeable. Good luck!

  3. We love those Walmart frames too!

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