Summer Read: The Thirteenth Tale

Hi there, friends! Legacy summer camp is in full swing this week and we are all having SO much fun! I sure do love these kiddos and it's a treat to spend a little time with them this summer. Today I wanted to share a few thoughts about The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield. It's been around for a while (published in 2007) but this was my book club's May pick, so it made the cut for summer reading! I began this in early May, and was … [Read more...]

Mom Cave Progress {Sneak Peek}

I haven't had many projects to share lately, but I have made lots of incremental progress on a few rooms in the house.  My Mom Cave is truly an evolution of a space, more than a year in the works.  Am I patient or what?? :-) Getting the paint done was huge progress. And very time consuming.  But I love it more every day.  The gray is Behr Silver Sateen, the cream is Porter Velvet White. Then I hung Inslee's art work... And got … [Read more...]

Mom Cave Update {Art}

I am mortified at how loooooong it took me to get my Mom Cave artwork up on the walls.  Granted, I was waiting until I finished painting... and then life took over.  And my art work sat.  And sat. Last weekend, I finally bit the bullet, got out the hammer and picture hanging kit and.... voila! Gorgeous, no?  I wish I could spirit away the printer/fax machine, but no can do... El Presidente (aka the hubs) works from home and out of this … [Read more...]

Art for the Mom Cave and a Road Block

I'm sooooo excited about the art for my home office {Mom Cave}!  Here's a hint..."Emily's Girls" by the fabulously talented Inslee.And then there's...My go-to frames from WalMart (inexpensive and sturdy!).Are you getting the picture?  I framed all of my treasures from Inslee, but held off hanging them.  You see, my beloved purple office/mom cave has got some molding in the upper portions of the walls that's just gonna have to … [Read more...]