Bookcase Backgrounds

I’ve been contemplating painting the inside of my family room bookcase for the past two months. 

Of course, being the redecorranging fanatic that I am, it looks different today than it does in this pic from a month ago (I know, I know…).  But I still want all my treasures to pop and am thinking color on the inside is the way to achieve this.
Real Simple’s tips vary from going one shade darker than your wall color to using an accent color instead.  Hmm.

Here’s our family room paint color: Porter Paint’s Lincoln Beige.  Because my bookcases are tucked into a somewhat dark corner of the room, I would be afraid to put anything darker than this inside them.  I could use this exact color though.

Or, I have some spare Behr Tide Pools left over from repainting the kids’ bathroom.

In the kids’ bath, it looks a lot bluer than the chip, so I’m thinking it might be a pretty accent color.

Or I have this lovely gray-green, Porter’s Ripe Riesling, in my foyer, but I’m afraid it would be too gray.

Ugh.  OK, here’s my plan:  Try the Tide Pools.  If I don’t like that, try Lincoln Beige.  If neither of them work, head to the paint store for more options.  Here’s where you come in, readers…

Would you go with a shade of the wall color, or would you try an accent color? 

Tune in tomorrow– I’ll be posting my Spring mantle and linking up with Beth over at The Stories of A To Z!  And next week I’ll be guest posting over at Fancy Little Things. šŸ™‚  See you then!

Happy Decorating!


  1. Jane Kilpatrick Schott says

    Heidi…I would do an accent color UNLESS you were going to shelve some amazing books that are colorful. You can always paint out or change the color of the inserts.

  2. Stephanie Thigpen says

    I love that idea! It looks so fresh with a light color inside… I love the light blue, but you of course have to match with the rest of the room! I vote yes. šŸ™‚

  3. i vote — GO bold!! think corral or a bold turquoise — accent it, make the back of the bookcases pop {& if you can't live with the color – prime & paint again}.

  4. Mandi Smith T says

    I would go with the wall color, but I love to change my space so often. If I did an accent color, that would limit fabrics for pillows etc. (and I change those a ton too). I say go neutral (but that is only b/c I hate to repaint)! I am sure what you pick will be lovely! M.

  5. - Brittany says

    I vote Tide Pools! You could paint it on a piece of foam core cut to size, then slide it in and live with it for a little bit. If you don't like it, take it out repaint or cover foamcore with batting and fabric at a later date. I did that here:


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