Getting Back in the Saddle

Hello, friends… long time no see.  I have missed you all and have started this post about 20 times over the last several weeks, only to be once again at a loss for words.  Yikes.  At the beginning of October, we lost my brother-in-law suddenly to a heart attack.  And my mother-in-law did not fare well in the aftermath of that loss.  We have spent the last several weekends (Thursday nights through Sundays) in South Georgia helping her navigate some serious health issues and reassessing things down there.  Those of you with aging parents know of what I speak.

These have been hard, exhausting, and troubling weeks.  Decisions are looming — maybe not right away, but certainly sooner than we thought we would have to make them.  We feel like we’ve got a handle on things — for now, and maybe even through the holidays, with frequent trips down there already planned.  And we shall see beyond that…

The school year has been going well and we’re making plans for growth that feel somewhat scary, a little overwhelming, but very exciting.  I wish each of you could experience what I do each day, loving on our precious kiddos and families and watching the Legacy community blossom!  Busy times, joyful times, and certainly a bright spot in the last few weeks of sorrow and stress.

In other news, I cleared out my booth for the last time last month and have said goodbye to that venture.  I had mixed feelings, but it was time — especially with our move to smaller quarters and lack of time for outside pursuits.  I also ran a golf tournament benefiting the school and the hubs hit a deer and totaled his car.  I mean, seriously?

All of that to say, this little corner of the internet has been sadly neglected!! I’ve been doing some thinking about this blog of mine.  I do so miss blogging about decor and projects and design and all sorts of things!  I have a lot of home decor posts left in me, as we continue to settle into our new space.  The projects will be few and far between for a while — not much time to indulge in those right now and I haven’t had much inspiration to do them either.  And my site is in DIRE need of some updating!  So… I’m pondering a bit of a “makeover” here — both in terms of how it looks and functions and also some tweaking of content to more reflect what my life looks like these days.  I’m still mulling over thoughts and ideas, researching site designers (if you have a good one — let me know!), and also looking to take over a bit more of the maintenance and upkeep of the site.  Which means exercising the old gray matter a bit!!

I know what I’m missing is the creative outlet that this space has afforded me over the last several years — yes, YEARS!  I’ve been over on Instagram a bit these last few weeks and experimenting with Instastories, too — fun!  Be sure to follow me over there for more regular content — at least over the next few weeks while I try to find my posting routine again.

But I promise, I will be posting at least weekly until the New Year (it will be here before we know it!), and I will keep you posted on plans to update the site!  Now, tell me in the comments what you’d like to see here — what types of posts, any navigation wants or needs, let me hear it!

And thank you for reading… I do so appreciate each and every one of you!


  1. Sorry to see this news about your family. Prayers are with you all. Hope you are doing well

  2. Sorry to hear about your loss. I hope your mother-in-law is doing better. I am hoping to see more home improvement/makeover and DIYs.

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