Home Goals 2017 (Part 1)

Greetings, friends!  Thanks so much for your kinds words of encouragement on my personal goals post last week.  I’m always a little skiddish about putting them out there, but — accountability, folks!  The last couple of weeks got busy with prepping for and opening registration for next school year (can you believe it??).

I spent MLK Day purging kitchen cabinets and my cookbooks — does anybody hold onto cookbooks anymore?  While I only scratched the surface of what needs to be done in the purge department, it was nice to see that big box of stuff ready to donate by the end of the day!  And then my week just took off with busy-ness at Legacy (Registration! Conferences! Tours!).   And all my good intentions to get this post up last week fell prey to the schedule.

I was silently lamenting that, as one of my goals here is to post more consistently, but then I had an epiphany… we’re moving this year.  And for that reason, I think my Home Goals this time around have me a little stumped.   And a little sad, to be honest.  But I think it’s important to get some articulated, nonetheless, so here we go!

Purge, purge, purge.  I think it goes without saying that it’s a TOP priority to get those closets cleaned out this year.  We can’t put a house on the market with stuff stuffed everywhere, right?  Plus I have no desire to move stuff, just to purge it from our new space!  I’ve been chipping away at this almost daily.

Deep clean.  Again, kind of a no-brainer!  But better to put it down, so I know there’s no getting around it!

Paint, paint, paint.  While this will be 80% touching up existing paint, there are a couple of spaces that will have to be repainted entirely… my laundry room, our powder room, boys’ bedrooms.  Fun, right?  I just know I’ll feel SO much better when everything is touched up and fresh.

Clean up and simplify the landscaping.  This goes on the hubs’ list. 🙂  Just kidding… I love to work in the yard, so — energy permitting — we’ll be doing a major trimming, edging, mulching of the grounds.

Unload extra furniture pieces.  I have a hard time letting go of pieces.  And with a six bedroom house, I really haven’t had to let go of much over the last several years.  But now’s the time, right?  So I’ll be eyeballing all my furniture with a discerning eye and seeing what can possibly go on to another good home.

And that about sums it up… I’ve renamed this post Home Goals 2017 {Part 1} because I’m sure there will be a “Part 2” once we’re in a new space.

I posted some suggested New Years’ decorating resolutions over on Mohawk Homescapes blog earlier in January if you’re stumped on your own home goals… maybe some of those will spark some inspiration?

What about your home goals for this year??

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  1. 2017 goals are finishing the 2016 goals! have a great week… go falcons. can you believe it?
    laura janning recently posted..3 affordable things your fireplace needs this winterMy Profile

  2. Kelly Palmer says

    I am also working on purging unnecessary items as we are hoping to put our house on the market this spring and make a move as well 🙂

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