Personal Goals for 2017: Let’s Do This!

Greetings, friends!  Anyone else limping back into reality last week??  I had a college kiddo still home until yesterday so even though I’m back at work, I’m having a hard time finding routine.  Oh well, it will come, I’m sure!

I spent some time over the break thinking about my personal goals for the coming year.  It’s going to be another year of big changes so any hopes of status quo or coasting have gone out the window.   While I could seriously use a year (or two!) of coasting it’s best to just embrace whatever is coming, right?

This year, I broke out my personal goals into a few categories to help me refine my focus for the weeks and months ahead.


As I shared last week my physical health has not been great the past several months.  And while I am working on some things under a doctor’s care, I feel compelled to tackle a few things myself to see if I can get back on track.

whlole30 pot roast

The hubs and I are going back to our Whole 30 ways this month.  I’ve put it off until the college kids are back to school and I can purge the cabinets of all the non-compliant stuff, but I’m ready to get back to clean eating.  What my research shows is that clean eating improves absorption of vitamins and minerals that I desperately need now.  And my own experience has been that my energy level is significantly higher when I am eating well.  We’ll be embarking on this TODAY, so stay tuned!

I’m hoping to get back to some sort of exercise routine as well.  All of my health issues have turned me into a couch potato so I’m aiming to add a few walks into my schedule each week as I rebuild my stamina.  I’m also looking into some online yoga resources (if you have one, please share!).  My lack of activity has created some random aches, pains, and stiffness and the advice I’ve received is to add in some simple yoga routines to help the overall situation.  I’ll keep you posted!

//Professional Growth//

Starting up a preschool has been no small feat!   In addition to that we are incorporated as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization of which I am Chairman of the Board.  If you’ve never worked in the world of non-profits, let me just say — it is a TON of work.  I feel like I have a two full time jobs — running the school and also running a non-profit.  I am totally NOT complaining here!  I love what I do and am passionate about our mission and vision.  But I have realized gaps in my knowledge in both areas and this will be the year I must tackle them.

I’m currently exploring non-profit workshops and seminars I can take in — both in person and online.  We’re blessed to have a huge resource right here in Atlanta, so I’m adding some of their offerings to my calendar.  In addition, I have joined a few organizations for school directors and am exploring certification in this area.  The school resources will dictate how much of this I can work on this year, but nonetheless I need to position myself to take advantage.  #whew!  Lofty goals, I know, but the time has come.

//Other Wellness//

So these goals are important, too, but it seemed more manageable to group them together in this category of “other.”

  • Spiritual development…  We can ALWAYS grow in this area, right?  While I’m diligent in my morning devotionals and time with the Lord, I would like to read more spiritual growth books AND get back to church on a regular basis.  I’ve found myself ducking out of these two things more often than I should, due to fatigue or travel or whatever, so I’d like to halt that slide this year.
  • Read more...  Books, that is.  As I mentioned last week, I did not read as much as I have in years past and I’ve really missed it.  It’s my way of re-booting and recharging, so I’m working on compiling a list of books I’d like to read in 2017 (I’ll share that soon).  I think 2 a month is a reasonable goal, don’t you?
  • Post more consistently… I love this little blog and while I can’t promise tons of projects in 2017, I do have lots of ideas for good content for you here.  So I’ve refined my editorial calendar to make posting feel more manageable, lined up some posts in my drafts, in hopes that I can be more efficient and post more consistently.


Well, it’s really the hubs and I, truthfully, but our big goal this year is to downsize.  While this is daunting to say the least (I’ve been in this house for 19 years!), it is time on so many different levels.  I’ll be posting more about this in the coming months.

I have a lot of mixed emotions about this.  And I’ll have to leave it there with more to come later.  There’s a lot to do and a good bit of stress swirling around this goal, but I know God is faithful and He would not lay this on our hearts and minds without sustaining us through it.  And there is the teeny bit of excitement about a new space when all is said and done.

And so there you have my goals for the new year!  It seems like a LOT now that I’ve typed it all out, but we’ll see how it all plays out, right? 🙂

I’ll be back with our Home Goals, which reads more like a to-do list right now, given our goal of downsizing.  But it’s worth sharing nonetheless!

Okay, your turn… what are your goals for 2017??




  1. love these goals! you can do it!

  2. My hubby and I want to downsize too….and it is stressful to move but we need to do this…it’s time….Great goals and hope you are feeling better!

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