I Can’t Resist… Black Frame Windows

One of the “perks” of being laid up with a foot injury for the past weeks is watching endless hours of  HGTV.  I mean, ask me what marathon is on today and I promise I can tell ya. 🙂  Anyhoo, I was so excited for the new show “Genevieve’s Renovation”, where she (Genevieve Gorder) renovates her NYC apartment.  I was NOT excited that it aired at 11 pm, though, so I now have all the episodes on my DVR.  #winning

As I was watching my own “marathon” of “Gen’s Renovation” something kept catching my eye… her huge black framed windows.  So I started digging for images and it turns out she’s had those lovely black framed windows for a while.

 HGTV Host Genevieve Gorder's NYC Home Didn't Always Look Like This


This was her living room before she tackled her renovation and the windows are the same after the renovation.  And I love them.  I don’t know if it’s the contrast they offer to the light and bright walls… just that punch of black is so awesome looking.  And who needs window treatments when your windows are showcased in such a high contrast way?

And after more digging, it turns out I’m late to the party for lovers of black frame windows…

 black windows House Beautiful


black windows looks like white blogsource

black windows apt therapysource

black windows pinnersource unknown

black windows Decoristasource

There’s a nod to the industrial and the modern and I can taste a little NYC in there, too, can’t you?

So I’m thinking about incorporating a bit of this in my home… I’ll share exactly where soon.  Okay, so I’d love to know what you think?  Did you watch “Genevieve’s Renovation?”  And what do you think of black framed windows?  Too much?  Spill it!

For photos of how she renovated her daughter’s room and the master bath, head here.  Hopefully they’ll load more images from the renovation soon… tons of wonderful details.  Enjoy your day!

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  1. YES- these are stunning!

  2. I did the bay window in my bedroom, and I love it. I will post about it soon!

  3. I have nit watched the show…yet. I actually like the look of the black frames.

  4. I have DVR’d here series and have enjoyed them!…Love the inspiration pics Heidi..and hope you are feeling better!!!

  5. Suzan (Simply Vintageous) is painting all the windows in her new house black, I think! I really like them, but not for my little cottage. Maybe when I have my Brooklyn hipster loft?


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