2020 Vision

Happy New Year, friends and readers! I hope you all enjoyed the holidays and are entering this new year -- and decade -- with a clear vision and focus on your goals! I spent some time mulling over my Word of the Year, considering last year's WOTY and how it applied, and thinking through some goals I'd like to articulate. Truth be told, progress on all of that was a little stilted due to some unexpected family things, so I'm still … [Read more...]

Five on Friday

Happy First (Official) Day of Summer! Seems only appropriate that it would fall on a Friday, right? I see lots of late night swimming, grilling, and lightning bug catching for many of you this evening. :) I, personally, am celebrating that I managed to get three posts up this week! Let's hope it's a trend... Today I'm resurrecting the Five on Friday posts - a random collection of things that have caught my attention over the past week. … [Read more...]

New Discovery: Marietta Reclamation

Hi friends!  Whew, I'm still recovering from a fun fun time in NOLA with my BFF and other assorted dear old friends.  Don't you love it when you can pick up where you left off many years ago?  And that may just have been the last of pretty fall weather I'll see for a while -- it's way too frigid today for November in Atlanta!  And I'm fighting the urge to just crawl under my covers and call in sick. ;-) Anyway, thanks for all the sweet … [Read more...]

I Can’t Resist… Black Frame Windows

One of the "perks" of being laid up with a foot injury for the past weeks is watching endless hours of  HGTV.  I mean, ask me what marathon is on today and I promise I can tell ya. :)  Anyhoo, I was so excited for the new show "Genevieve's Renovation", where she (Genevieve Gorder) renovates her NYC apartment.  I was NOT excited that it aired at 11 pm, though, so I now have all the episodes on my DVR.  #winning As I was watching my own … [Read more...]

Old House Love

I'm an old soul.  Even when it comes to houses.  I look for character, for the story, the history.  I love to read about or visit historic homes, study the architecture and flow of the home way back when.  And if it's been loved on and restored?  I'm in serious like.  One of my dreams has been to find an old house out in the country (away from Atlanta traffic!) and bring it back to life.  Well, with kids to raise and put through college, that's … [Read more...]

Divine Retreat

Last weekend, while travelling in Newport, R.I., I had the pleasure of brunching at Castle Hill Inn.  The inn itself was constructed in 1874 as a summer retreat for the Swiss scientist Alexander Agassiz.  He was intent on studying marine biology on the beautiful coast but ended up hosting many of the "thinking sorts," such as Thornton Wilder and many of the so-called "naturalists".  The interior of the inn still exudes 19th century … [Read more...]