Old House Love

I’m an old soul.  Even when it comes to houses.  I look for character, for the story, the history.  I love to read about or visit historic homes, study the architecture and flow of the home way back when.  And if it’s been loved on and restored?  I’m in serious like.  One of my dreams has been to find an old house out in the country (away from Atlanta traffic!) and bring it back to life.  Well, with kids to raise and put through college, that’s pretty much a pipe dream at this point.  But dreaming’s okay, right?

1stdibs (you know 1stdibs, right??) has introduced a feature on their website — old houses for sale.  And when they say “old” they mean prior to the 1930’s.  Now we’re talking!

This beauty on Southampton, NY was built during the height of Hamptons summer society in the 19th century and sits on a gorgeous 1.5 acres.  And for a cool $11 million, it could be yours.

Something on the West Coast?  How about this colonial in Hillsborough, CA?  Beautiful architectural details and over an acre of level lot?  Yes, please.  Even at $7.2 million. 🙂  Can’t you just imagine this decorated at Christmas?

$27 million will get you this show stopper in Palm Beach, FL.  A vintage Wyeth design from the early 1900’s,  she’s named “The Dream.”  Hmmm.  Even features a secret “sitting” garden… not sure what that is, but I’d love to find out.  It has 10 bedrooms, so I’d have room for some of you to visit. 🙂

How about a Lake Forest, IL address?  Lakefront gardens and home were designed by David Adler, architect to the wealthy of the Chicago area back in the 1920’s.  $5.6 million will get you stunning symmetry in design and views to die for… I’m picturing croquet on the lawn.

Washington D.C.?  Sure!  I’ll brush up on my diplomat entertaining for $4.9 million.  After all, this 1920’s lovely has “Embassy sized entertaining spaces!”

And I would totally leave my heart in San Franciso for this Italian villa and view.  If only I could scrounge up $38 million. 🙂  A 1927 treasure just waiting to snatched up!

Seen enough?  Want more?  Just head to 1stdibs and click on Great Old Houses.  Which one do you find hard to resist?

Happy Monday and Sweet Dreaming!


  1. My parents own a house over 200 years old in Ohio. It used to be the inn for the stage coach stop on Old National Highway (a.k.a. Route 40).

  2. I love old house too Heidi. They have so much character, charm and detail…not like what you find today (the majority anyway). I will have to check out 1stdibs. There was another site I used to go to (if I can find it I’ll email it to you). They were historic properties for sale, but most needed restored or renovated.

  3. I also dreamed of living in an old house. I would subject my poor husband to every home and garden tour I could find, as I pursued my dream of one day having a home like that of our own. Ten years ago, my dream house … the one I pined for and literally dreamed about … came up for sale, and my dear husband agreed that it could be ours!! It required five (yes, FIVE) years of full time restoration and renovation work before we could move there … old house reno is a whole lot more than pretty finishes. We have lived here for four years now, and I am blessed to call this place home. (when you have time, try surfing HistoricProperties.com … all price ranges of beautiful historic eye candy!)

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