I Had a Post Planned for Today

You know how that goes?  Well, my good intentions did not pan out over the weekend.  You see, on Friday we had our first annual Legacy Christian School Golf Tournament — and we had dear friends from out of town here for the event.  After running my legs off last week with last minute preparations, yesterday I felt like I had been run over by a golf cart.  For pics of the event head to the Legacy Facebook page!

And so, once our guests got on the road, I spent the rest of day looking at this…

fire in fireplace

And watching the Iron Man trilogy with the hubs.

I may have spent a few minutes planning this week — we have two days of Grandparents’ Day celebrations at the school — but that was about it.

So once I find my footing here, I’ll finish up that post I had planned. 🙂  In the meantime, enjoy your Monday everyone!heidi signature


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