Inspiring Blogger Interview: Kelly from Eclectically Vintage

Howdy hoo, everyone and TGIF!   Today I’m taking part in a dealer workshop for my new booth space and then it’s on to a jam-packed weekend.  And since I’m on the fly, I’m so thrilled to have the wonderful Kelly from Eclectically Vintage stop by to take part in my Inspiring Blogger Interview series!

I first came across Kelly’s blog last winter and I’ve been an email subscriber ever since… she is one thrifty, creative gal that I would LOVE to hit a few flea markets with! Read what she has to say and then tell me you don’t feel the same… I dare you. 🙂 Here she is!

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1. How did you get started blogging?

My neighbor started a food blog last year and I met her at Starbucks to pick her brain. One hour, and a cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream later, I bought my domain name and set up a blog – all without ever having read a blog before – talk about trial by fire.

2. Tell us a little bit about your home.

It had been a dream of mine to renovate an old home so when we finally found this one (after a year of searching), I was in heaven. It’s a 1905 center hall colonial but was in dismal shape (my hubs called it a crack house)! That was the best part for me because I got to create a brand new home within the bones of an old one. After almost a year of renovations, we finally moved in three years ago.

3. How would you describe your home decor style?

Vintage with a modern twist. I love cool collections, colorful accessories and I believe every room should have a quirky piece.

4. What inspires your style and projects around the home?

A change of seasons is a great excuse to get creative – and an excuse to dust the mantel!

5. Do you have a favorite DIY project?

I really enjoyed making over an ugly duckling $6 thrift shop dresser into my dresser planter – talk about a conversation piece!

6. What is your secret DIY weapon?

I love walking down the thrift shop aisles and seeing things in a new light. Yes, it’s a crib but the spring would be a very cool memo board.

7. Any DIY fails?

I try to do simple projects that minimize my failure rate but I’ve attempted many crafty projects that never made it onto the blog because of their sad finished state.

8. What is your favorite shopping source for home decor?

Thrift shops and estate sales for unique finds and Ebay is a great source for tile.

9. What is your favorite space in your home?

I dreamed of a white kitchen with marble counter tops and a glass refrigerator (I got the glass wine fridge at least)! The demijohn lights are my absolute all time favorite lights in my house.

10. What is one piece of advice you would share for those on the journey of making a house into a home?

Let your home reflect your personality by surrounding yourself with what makes you happy.


Was I right?  Could you just die to have her kitchen?  And that dresser-turned-planter?  Brilliant!  Thanks so much, Kelly, for taking time out of your busy thrifting, crafting, parenting schedule to share with us!  D&M readers, be sure to hop over to Kelly’s blog to see her latest thrifty finds and soak up her skills!

Enjoy your weekend, everyone, and I’ll see you in October! 😉


  1. Someone finds me inspiring!! Please let my kids know – as I try to inspire them to clean up their rooms!

    Thanks Heidi!

  2. That was great! I really like the back and forth interview feel. How fun 🙂 Kelly has so many great room filled with awesome finds. I love her entryway tons!! (And the mudroom) Okay, all of it.

  3. I love Kelly! Her home is so beautiful!

  4. Now I’m worried after Kelly’s advice at the end. I’m surrounded by piles, and messes, and junk. Maybe in those piles of junky messes I’ll find happiness?


  5. Plain and simple…Kelly is awesome!!!!! : ) Heidi — so happy you are going to get to see the SCREAM!!!! tell me all about your experience — sounds like a fun time in December!!!! hugs…

  6. Kelly’s home is beautiful and she is so incredibly creative and talented, as her home reflects just that!….Great interview Heidi!!

  7. LOL Bliss! She makes me laugh every time … though, I must say I’m worried about that last piece of advice too. Right now I’m surrounded by drop cloth and ironing boards and other things that do not make me happy …



  8. Kelly ROCKS. I’m pretty sure her kitchen is MY favorite space too 🙂

  9. Kelly is awesome and I love her style 🙂

  10. You know I love some Eclectically Vintage!!!

  11. Love the dresser planter! What a creative idea!

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