Inspiring Blogger Interview: Megan from Balancing Home

Happy Monday, friends!  While I'm sunning myself and enjoying my husband's company, I'm so happy that a wonderful blogger is here to keep you company! I've been bloggy friends with Megan for a over a year and I love her thrifty ways, her incredible printables, and her sweet family that is going from 4 to 5 in a matter of weeks!  Yikes -- I don't know how she does it all.  But she's here to share her thoughts and hopefully inspire a few of … [Read more...]

Inspiring Blogger Interview: Laura from Top This Top That

YAY!   I am so excited that I'm at last able to bring you a fabulous interview from Laura at Top This Top That!  I won't even go into the details of the lengths we went to get this to you, but suffice to say Laura is the bomb-diggety.  And I'm so blessed to call her "friend", too. So without, further ado, here is one of my fave ladies dishing on DIY, her fabulous home, and what inspires her... take it away, Laura! ***    How did you get … [Read more...]

Looking Back (a 2012 Review)

Looking back is not my strong suit.  :)  I'm a proponent of moving on, pressing ahead, not looking back.  But 2012 was a year of growth and change for Decor & More, and many of you are new around I think it's fitting that I do a little review of last year's projects and progress. In January, I did a little thrifting, some organization, and added some art work to my Mom Cave.  I also created this easy little moss … [Read more...]

Inspiring Blogger Interview: Kelly from View Along the Way

I have a real treat for y'all today!  The fabulous Kelly from View Along the Way is here to chat for our latest installment of the Inspiring Blogger Interview series!  If you don't know Kelly, be prepared to be amazed at her humor, her mad DIY skills, and what a sweetheart she is... Here we are thrifting with Rhoda and Lisa last summer.  Is she gorgeous, or what?  And wait till you read what she's sharing...   Take it away, … [Read more...]

Inspiring Blogger Interview: Jaime from Crafty Scrappy Happy

Y'all are in for a treat today!!  My sweet friend Jaime from Crafty Scrappy Happy is here to chat about her fabulous blog, her newly renovated lake side home,  and what inspires her sense of style.  She is, indeed, one crafty chick, turning out favorites like this one... Source: via Heidi on Pinterest   and this... Source: via Heidi on Pinterest   I love her … [Read more...]

Inspiring Blogger Interview: Michelle @ Ten June Blog

  Hi there!!  I'm super excited to bring you my latest Inspiring Blogger Interview and today Michelle from Ten June Blog is joining us!  I've been following Michelle's blog for a couple of years now and had the privilege of meeting her at Haven last June! I felt like a stalker asking her to take a photo with me, but I'm a huge fan of her easy going writing style and her gorgeously calm designs.  She had me at "hello" with her home … [Read more...]

Inspiring Blogger Interview: Kelly from Eclectically Vintage

Howdy hoo, everyone and TGIF!   Today I'm taking part in a dealer workshop for my new booth space and then it's on to a jam-packed weekend.  And since I'm on the fly, I'm so thrilled to have the wonderful Kelly from Eclectically Vintage stop by to take part in my Inspiring Blogger Interview series! I first came across Kelly's blog last winter and I've been an email subscriber ever since... she is one thrifty, creative gal that I would LOVE to … [Read more...]

Inspiring Blogger Interview: Linda from It All Started With Paint

It's back!  My Inspiring Blogger series resumes today with one of my favorite new bloggy friends, Linda from It All Started With Paint.  Sometimes you get connected with someone online and you just know you'd be friends IRL.  That's how I feel about Linda!  She's funny, enormously talented with a paint brush and drop cloths, but she's also REAL.   See for yourself!!  Here's Linda... How did you get started blogging? Let’s just … [Read more...]

Inspiring Blogger Interview: Elizabeth from The Mustard Ceiling

Well, the hubs and I are off to a golf tournament in Eufala, AL today.  My plan is just to ride along in the golf cart, since I'm a total novice and am really just going to support him.  And have some fun.  With the country club set.  Should be interesting! But I am so thrilled to share my next Inspiring Blogger Interview with you today!   I've been a fan of The Mustard Ceiling for over a year  and just love the variety Elizabeth brings to her … [Read more...]

Inspiring Blogger Interview: Karianne at Thistlewood Farm

Well, it's back to reality after an incredible time at the beach and a crazy busy week of work and celebrating!  Today, I'm beginning a new feature here at Decor & More: an Inspiring Blogger Interview!  I figure y'all listen to my own ramblings often enough and in the interest of... well, interest-- and expanding my little blog's horizons, I thought I would begin sharing interviews with some of my favorite inspirational bloggers once a … [Read more...]