A Little Happy for Your Friday

Confession:  This week has kicked me in the booty.  Lots of good mixed in with the not-so-good/stressful, but just A-LOT. I know you know how I feel... it's May, afterall.  And as a mom AND a teacher, I get it going and coming.  On Monday, I'll share some pics of what my house looks like right now.  I have to put the blinders on to walk out the door and so I will, and I will try not to think about the disarray until I walk back in the door.  … [Read more...]

Four Happy Things

I found myself down in the dumps about going back to work this week... not a good way to start a new semester!  Maybe it was that I was sick for a good chunk of my break.  Maybe because we were on the go non-stop until Saturday and I was missing that chance to take a breath.  Maybe I'm a tad burned out. At any rate, I figured I'd post four things that make me happy today... like warm and fuzzy on the inside happy.  How 'bout it? 1.  My NEW … [Read more...]