What I Learned This Month: June

Hi friends! I’m enjoying some out-of-town time with the hubs and some dear friends this week, celebrating the 4th. It’s HOT HOT HOT, but we’re immersing ourselves in a spring-fed “creek”… if you follow me on Instagram you know of what I speak!

I wasn’t sure I’d be able to pull this post together, as I wasn’t particularly intentional about taking note of things I learned last month. But after mulling it over, some things swam to the surface so I’m here to share.

What I learned this month

June is one of my favorite months for sports. Between the French Open (on my bucket list, btw!) and the College World Series, we did more than our share of sports-watching last month.

Going from being a peer to a boss is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. I’m noodling around a whole post on this very topic. I have been forced to make some really painful – and not well-received — decisions in the past couple of months. I hoping this part of my job gets easier over time.

Gilmore Girls reruns never get old. Brilliant writing, likeable characters, humor a-plenty.

I like staying home on the weekends. Don’t get me wrong, I love to meet up with friends, go to dinner, see a movie, etc, but my happy place is still my home. And after several back-to-back weekends of travel, I was quite content to spend the last weekend in my own bed, my own kitchen, on my own couch. 🙂

The Paloma has refreshed my cocktail game like nobody’s business! Don’t you love it when you discover a new-to-you drink that’s delicious AND easy to whip up?

I’m still smitten with some farmhouse décor. I’ll be sharing some new-to-me bloggers and IG accounts that I can’t get enough of next week. Be prepared to be inspired!

What about you? What did you learn last month?

Enjoy the weekend, y’all!

xo Heidi

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