I Can’t Resist… this Driftwood Bull

from Ballard Designs.I don't know why, but he just speaks to me. :)  Probably the combination of softly weathered natural elements, all the wonderful shades of gray, and the texture. Or maybe seeing an animal rendered in this material?  A cool marriage of my West Texas roots and my love for the beach. :) Forget the driftwood mirrors, give me the Bull!!Happy Decorating! … [Read more...]

Sneak Peek at the Southern Living Idea House

More of this match made in heaven ~ Southern Living and Ballard Designs. :)Don't you love checking your inbox and finding surprises?  I was so excited to have emails from both Ballard Designs and Southern Living about their partnership in the Horseshoe Bay Idea House.  Southernliving.com is featuring 101 design ideas from this gorgeous home, along with more … [Read more...]

Match Made in Heaven

Just back from travelling and now I've got to catch up, but first I gotta share this good news! I don't know about you, but when I heard that Ballard Designs was teaming up with Southern Living magazine to decorate the 2011 Idea House it was like hearing that Prince William and Kate Middleton were engaged!  I've been a Southern Living girl my entire life and a Ballards Designs stalker (and outlet shopper) for most of my adult life.  To … [Read more...]

I Can’t Resist… Rustic Meets Refined Living Room

I'm back from a long weekend in Pensacola where we fished, boated, tubed (yikes), and took in the Blue Angels show from the water.  A wonderful, relaxing time!!  I loaded up on some shelter mags to read in the car on the way down and I came across this image in July's Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles magazine.This is the living room of the 2010 Cashiers Designer Showhouse, designed by Suzanne Kasler.  You've heard of Suzanne, … [Read more...]

Catalog Finds: Ballard Designs

When a new catalog arrives in my mailbox during the week, it usually goes into a substantial TBR {To Be Read} pile on the ottoman in my home office. But when my Ballards catalog showed up on Friday afternoon, all my other to-dos were done, so I immediately hunkered down with a cup of tea and dove in. Did you know they recently teamed up with Traditional Home to do a living room makeover for one lucky family? And did you know they’ve also … [Read more...]

Wake Up Your Winter Decor

I've given some tidbits of my family room refresh lately, so I thought I'd close out the week with a few thoughts on winter decor.  I'm not one that decorates for every holiday.  Honestly, it's too much trouble and too time-consuming. I may give a nod to Halloween or Valentine's Day in little touches, but I mostly decorate by season.  This way I feel like I'm getting a "new" look on a regular basis, even if it's simply changing out … [Read more...]

Winter Mantle Makeover

I've mentioned here my desire to freshen up, lighten up my own decor this year and (lucky you) you get to ride along with me!  When I saw that Beth over at The Stories A to Z was hosting a Winter Mantle Linky Party, it was just the kick I needed to get started!So here is what I ended up with and I love it!  I picked up the mirror last week at Ballard's Backroom here in Roswell (outlet for the incredible catalog).  It has a teeny … [Read more...]

Here’s Your Hook-Up!

The beginning of school is upon us and my thoughts always turn to ORGANIZATION.  I don't claim to be an expert or even proficient at organization, but I do a pretty fair job of keeping the household rolling in a somewhat orderly fashion.  The big question:  what to do with all the STUFF?  My favorite solution?  Hooks.  Plain and simple.  Perfect for sweaters or light jackets, backpacks, umbrellas, dog leashes, … [Read more...]

A-Tisket, A-Tasket

There is nothing better, in my opinion, for home organization than baskets.  Since home is where YOUR heart is, sterile bins and boxes just won't cut it.  Keep your home looking "homey" with baskets of all sizes, colors, even shapes.  Buy them in sets, or pick out your individual favorites-- you can find them anywhere: Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Target, you name it.  Handled baskets make great carry-alls or informal totes.  … [Read more...]

Tip of the Week: Light Your Way

I've been inspired by all the beautiful and varied lanterns I've seen in stores, online, and in catalogs lately.  Now that your yard and deck are party-ready, be ready to shed some light and ambience on your outdoor decor with a collection of lanterns.  Not only are they the perfect disguise for those oft-needed citronella candles to control unwanted guests, but they're a wonderful and cozy alternative to flood lights or porch … [Read more...]