DIY Baby Spoon Display {Ugly Duckling Dining Room}

I am totally in love with my baby spoon display in my dining room, so I thought I'd share the "how to!"   It all started with these small racks I found thrifting with Charity a few weeks ago... They were $2 each and I got them for 20% off -- $6 for the four of them. :-) I've also gotten in the habit of trolling the hobby stores framing department for frames on clearance... especially open frames.  Many were custom orders … [Read more...]

Shopping on Saturday {Thrifty Finds}

Hi everyone!  Hoping you had a marvelous Easter weekend with family and friends, and maybe a little time for relaxing. :) We celebrated my girl's 19th birthday in addition to Easter, so it was a busy one for us, but a joyous one for sure.  I did slip out for a bit on Saturday while she was lunching with friends and made a quick run through Queen of Hearts Antiques.  I still had a little birthday money burning a hole in my pocket and I had my … [Read more...]

To Polish or Not to Polish…

Hello, friends!  I'm posting over at Fancy Little Things today on the polish versus tarnish dilemma in decorating with silver. Care to weigh in?  Pop over to Fancy Little Things and let me know what you think! … [Read more...]

Shopping on Saturday…

Yes, one of the things I love about January is that it's much easier for me to find time to shop.  You know, prowl around a little, scope and dig for a deal... that kind of shopping.  Not the sprint-into-Target-with-your-milelong-list-and-only-20-minutes kind of shopping. Last weekend, I stopped into Queen of Hearts Antiques (Marietta) and Old Time Pottery.  And I hit the jackpot for under $35 TOTAL.  Remember my hotel silver piece I … [Read more...]

This ‘n That and January Favorites

Confession: I'm a little sad to see January go.  No, I'm not crazy, I promise!  I know many struggle with post-holiday let-down, gray days, cold weather, etc.  But as my family has grown and gotten busier, I've come to relish the down time that January represents.  It's a time to regroup, clean out your files and closets, eat a little better, sleep a little more, spend a little more quiet time with loved ones and a good book.  January is fresh … [Read more...]

Christmas Touches around the House

I hope this finds you relaxing and enjoying the holiday season... finally!  And it's high time I shared some of my Christmas touches around my home.  Confession: I only just finished decorating a few days ago.  I had to say "uncle" with everything going on around here, so I didn't get to some of the projects I had planned.  But maybe next year. In the family room... My beloved wisemen with a berry garland, the shepherd and sheep, … [Read more...]

Easy Holiday Centerpiece

Well, $1600 later, my house is sealed and the traps for the unwelcome critters have been set.  Ugh.  I'm trying not to think about it too much, 'cuz it just gives me the willies!  So let's dwell on pretty things and easy projects to get our Christmas spirit in tip top shape.  :) How about a super easy Christmas centerpiece?  Here's what you need: A favorite urn or container Sticks from your yard, spray painted gold (or silver) Florists … [Read more...]

Christmas Mantle… check!

Gosh, it feels so good to check SOMETHING off my list!  It's been a busy week already with my son's Football banquet last night (he got his varsity letter-- woo hoo!) and preps for the hubs birthday on Friday.  Oh, and finishing up decorating, crafts, dealing with a rodent problem, and Christmas festivities at the preschool.  Hmm.  Thank goodness for gingerbread lattes! Anyhoo, my Christmas mantle is ready to be shared!  Please note: I reserve … [Read more...]

Taking a Shine to Silver

A couple of weeks ago, inspired by Joan over at For the Love of a House, I pulled out several of my silver pieces and polished them up, ready to display them around my house.  All in the name of lightening and brightening.  I couldn't for the life of me remember why I'd had them stashed away in drawers and cabinets for so long, especially when I saw the impact they made as decorative accessories.You've already spied a few of them on my … [Read more...]

Family Room Bookcase– Done!

My journey to refresh in our family room continues with our built in bookcases.  Several years ago, I painted all the woodwork in this room white-- best thing I've ever done.  It probably is almost time to repaint but I'm determined to wait a bit longer before taking this on (think dog/kids).  Somewhere along the way, I had filled the shelves with darker items (?)-- lots of wood accents, dark book jackets, pottery pieces, some … [Read more...]