My Thursday Gig and a Peek at the Mom Cave

Did you know I have a regular Thursday gig?  You can find me at every Thursday where I blog about home and garden with snippets of faith thrown in. I love my space over there, because my talented editors Aimee and Danielle come up with theme for each month.  My challenge is to blog within my niche (for the most part) while addressing the theme of the month.  July was "Beside Restful Waters" and I had fun with that, … [Read more...]

Mom Cave Progress {Sneak Peek}

I haven't had many projects to share lately, but I have made lots of incremental progress on a few rooms in the house.  My Mom Cave is truly an evolution of a space, more than a year in the works.  Am I patient or what?? :-) Getting the paint done was huge progress. And very time consuming.  But I love it more every day.  The gray is Behr Silver Sateen, the cream is Porter Velvet White. Then I hung Inslee's art work... And got … [Read more...]

Easy Peasy Lamp Shade {How To}

I am loving my new lamp and lamp shade combo in my Mom, home office. :)  I know I have to share the space with the other four peeps in my household, but it's slowly evolving into more "mine" than "theirs."  Thoughts? Anyhoo, the lamp shade I revealed over the weekend was a super easy project that makes a big impact when you walk into the space. Start to finish, I spent about 50 minutes on this.  And maybe $5 tops.  The lamp … [Read more...]