Sheet Music Canvases… the Pass It On Project

I teased y'all the other day with my Pass It On Project. :-) It evolved over time and provided a little creative therapy for me in the process. I've been wanting to do a sheet music project for quite some time -- and have probably pinned a dozen or so to try.  About a year ago, I scored two books of vintage sheet music from Woodstock Antiques and this project seemed the perfect one to use a bit of it. Sheet music is both graphic and … [Read more...]

Passing It On… Etc.

Last weekend was one of the busiest of late, but I managed to finish my Pass It On projects in the midst of the May Madness...  woo hoo!  Here's a couple of sneak peeks until I can get them safely en route to Megan of Balancing Home and Lisa of Budget Design Girl.  I'm so thrilled these sweet lady bloggers have agreed to partake! This project is one that evolved as I was working on it... I started out with one idea in mind. Wrestled a … [Read more...]


I'm not going to lie ~ it felt good to unplug just a bit. Much as I love and appreciate you all, I just haven't had anything good to share the past week. The kids and I circled the wagons. My oldest son travelled to the funeral with his dad, read a poem, read scripture from some font of strength for the 2000 people that gathered to mourn sweet Kaely Camacho.  I watched him become a man this week. I loved on my own 13 year old, who's … [Read more...]

Passing It On…

Hi gang!  Today I'm posting over at Fancy Little Things about "green decorating" so I hope you'll pop over and say hello! Remember this? Well, I bundled with love the second canvas from KariAnne... And sent it across the country to a gal who has blessed me immeasurably in the past year. I "met" her almost exactly a year ago when she won a Willow House giveaway on my blog.  We struck up an online friendship and she invited me … [Read more...]

March’s Favorite Things

It's so hard for me to believe we're at the end of March (do I sound like a broken record?)!  We're entering that crazy time of year that reeks of madness... the fun kind of course. If you're a mom with kids in school, you might as well tether your calendar to your waist and fire up the checkbook.  It's year-end this and year-end that headed your way before you know it. :) I've got some AWESOME favorites from March, so rather than wait until … [Read more...]