Inspiring Blogger Interview: Linda from It All Started With Paint

It's back!  My Inspiring Blogger series resumes today with one of my favorite new bloggy friends, Linda from It All Started With Paint.  Sometimes you get connected with someone online and you just know you'd be friends IRL.  That's how I feel about Linda!  She's funny, enormously talented with a paint brush and drop cloths, but she's also REAL.   See for yourself!!  Here's Linda... How did you get started blogging? Let’s just … [Read more...]

Here and There Thursday!

I'm a busy gal today!  Finishing up some things in my Ugly Duckling Dining Room (yay!) and a pow-wow with my pal and booth business partner Michelle.  Oh, and more preschool prep.  Whew! Today I'm guest-posting over at The Mustard Ceiling!  Do you read Elizabeth's blog?  She's fabulous, generous, and extremely gifted.  And she's in the middle of a big move, so she is graciously letting me share in her space.  I hope you'll pop over and leave … [Read more...]

June’s Favorite Things

Gosh I thought May was crazy, but June has been a little nutty, too!  I secretly enjoy the revolving door days of summer with all the kids home and their friends in tow.  And then there's the sky high grocery bills and endless dishes and laundry.  But I'm willing to overlook those things to enjoy our summer time together. :) I've got some exciting things planned around my house in July, so stay tuned for those, but in the meantime, here are my … [Read more...]

Haven 2012 {Wrap Up}

Hi, gang!  Back from Haven and an "official" Haven Maven now. :-) Seriously?  It was completely and totally awesome.  I learned so many things blog-related and was so inspired by everyone I came in contact with!  I was on a complete and total high when I rolled in Friday evening.  Now I'm wishing I'd taken a picture of my household (and it's disarray) at that point, but I was so energized and excited I didn't even care. John and Sherry … [Read more...]

Haven-Bound and Map Podge Candles

Thanks for all your sweet comments and words of encouragment on my porch progress post!  I'm just glad to no longer be embarrassing my neighbors (though they're much too nice to ever admit it)!  Now, onto later this week... I haven't had butterflies like these in YEARS. You see, this week, I'll be at Haven, a conference for DIY/decorating/crafting bloggers.  I'll be in the company of some of the most inspiring bloggers in the blogosphere, … [Read more...]

Here and There

What a fun day!    My Moss and Burlap Wreath is being shared over at A Dust Bunny Life today.  You'll love this site --  KariAnne and Kelly highlight easy peasy DIY projects daily and share some hoot-n-holler pod casts about decorating, crafting, and living the "dust bunny life"... check these gals out! And you can also find me at Fancy Little Things today sharing gift ideas for Dads and Grads.  Come visit and share your own ideas!  I'm … [Read more...]

Monday, Monday {Spreading Some Liebster Love}

Monday again!  How did that happen? This is what I saw yesterday morning, with the sun streaming into our family room... I love how you can see the bubbles in the glass projected on the wall.  By the way, this demijohn is a Willow House product, our Lady Jane Bottleneck vase, available HERE.  I love mine. Last week, I had the happy surprise of being awarded this... Sweet Lisa of Budget Design Girl passed this honor on to me!!  … [Read more...]

Inspiring Blogger Interview: Karianne at Thistlewood Farm

Well, it's back to reality after an incredible time at the beach and a crazy busy week of work and celebrating!  Today, I'm beginning a new feature here at Decor & More: an Inspiring Blogger Interview!  I figure y'all listen to my own ramblings often enough and in the interest of... well, interest-- and expanding my little blog's horizons, I thought I would begin sharing interviews with some of my favorite inspirational bloggers once a … [Read more...]

What I Want My Blog to be When It Grows Up {Happy Blogiversary to Me!}

Time sure flies when you're having fun!!  It's hard for me to believe I started my decor blog two years ago... I have a personal blog that's been in place for a while and had an idea to start a decor blog that would complement my Willow House website and give me greater flexibility in content, posting, and interaction with my readers.  Woo hoo!!  Look at us now!  I love this little space I've carved out with our awesome new look (thanks Aimee at … [Read more...]