Freshening Up: The Winter Mantel

Whew, my week is busy busy with student evaluations going on, lots of appointments and doings for the family, and trying to finish up a new furniture makeover.  Thanks so much for the awesome feedback on my Small Space Project!  I'm eyeing the spaces that will be my victims this weekend!  Don't forget to send me your own before and after organization projects to share! I've also shared some tips over at Mohawk Homescapes blog on keeping your New … [Read more...]

Christmas Mantel 2013

Happy Wednesday, y'all.  I'm trying really hard not to hit the panic button about all the packages left to wrap and ship... doesn't it figure that the week I need to get everything out is the week that all my peeps come home, soccer physicals must happen, dentist appointments all around, teacher dinner preparations, etc are all converging on the few days that comprise this week? Yowza.  There is still not a single ornament on my tree. And … [Read more...]

October Thoughts and September in Review

Ah, at last... October!  Cooler days, chilly evenings, the ever-so-slow turning of the leaves here in the South... I am so ready for the pause that is October.  August and September are the hectic back-to-school scurry and adjustments.  November is the steady uptick in the schedule and way-too-soon holiday prep.  But October? Maybe because August and September have left me wrung out and a bit broken, but October feels like a chance to … [Read more...]

Fall Mantel, a Winner, and an {in}Mercy Update

Happy Wednesday... the first of fall!  I have to confess, I was uber-ready to welcome fall this year by getting my decorating on.  Much as I loved my summer mantel with its killer burlap flag bunting, I am ready to think crisp mornings, breezy leaf-drifting days, and pumpkins! And, oo la la, I love it so! The leaves haven't begun changing yet here, but I'm loving the Japanese Maple clippings in my demijohns.  It will be fun to refresh … [Read more...]

DIY Burlap Flag Bunting

Good morning, friends!  I actually had a fairly relaxing weekend and am ready to enjoy another busy week -- how about you?  I spent time with my kids and a sweet neighbor poolside, got workouts in both days, enjoyed catching up on some reading and blogs, and worked on finishing up the console table.  Last night we took in two kids for the night while their parents finished up moving out of their house and into an executive apartment while they … [Read more...]

Spring Mantel Tweaks… I Couldn’t Resist

Howdy hoo, y'all -- another busy week rocking and rolling around here!  So far this week we've celebrated two birthdays in my preschool class, Earth Day plus caterpillars (!), and then yesterday a puppet show.  I'm whipped by 2pm every day! I'm still working away on the guest room, but I took a few minutes to freshen up my spring mantel since Easter is now behind us... It all started with a quick trip to "Junk Day" at the Woodstock … [Read more...]

Spring/Easter Mantel (the Full Monty)

TGIF, friends!  After a week that culminated with my son's 18th birthday (!) and an Easter Egg hunt with 14 crazy little people, I'm very happy to see Friday!  And just in time for Easter, I'm finally sharing my spring/Easter mantel with you patient people... A few things remain... my mirror, my sconces, my antique open frame and my sheet music candles... The hydrangeas in my DIY mercury glass vase are actually ones I cut last … [Read more...]

My Winter Mantel {2013}

Confession: I did my winter mantel three days before I took down and put away all the Christmas decor.  Once the stockings were emptied, I was so impatient... so I just cast them aside, along with my Santa canvas and the berry garland and got busy! If you follow me on Instagram, you might know that a trip to Trader Joe's jump-started the whole thing...I mean, who can resist a bouquet of seven creamy white roses with eucalyptus for only … [Read more...]

My Christmas Mantel (for now!)

Hi gang!  Remember when I mentioned that my house was almost completely decorated?  Well, that's because I reserve the right to tweak. :-) Decorating a mantel is a lot like writing a paper -- you've got your ideas and you sort of loosely compile them.  Then you slap together a rough draft that has all the pertinent ideas, and might even have flashes of brilliance, but needs fine tuning.  Then you edit and rewrite.  And you might edit and … [Read more...]

My Fall Mantel

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend -- the FIRST weekend of fall!  I'm feeling it now... cool breezes, the angle of the sun has changed a bit, a handful of leaves beginning to change (and fall).  I even picked up a couple of (real) pumpkins at WalMart yesterday! Before I get to my fall mantel, I have to crow a bit about my DIY Mirrored Pumpkin feature over at Crafty Scrappy Happy's Happy Hour Features!   Go check it out and check out all the … [Read more...]