Antiqued Mirror Upcycled Window

Happy Monday, friends!  I have my boy home safely from Spain and Portugal and all is right in my world today. :)  I'm sure he'll sleep until noon for the next few days, but I'm happy to let him. What an amazing experience he had!!  Here are a couple of snippets -- 366 photos taken (by him), discovery of Spanish coffee, chocolate, and fresh seafood, head and heart full of devotionals and prayers, a new-found appreciation for architecture, … [Read more...]

Thrifted TV Stand Makeover

You know those chunky TV stands you see in all the thrift stores??  Most of us have crossed over to flat screens or wall-mounted TVs making those sad pieces look like the plump boy in the corner at the 7th grade dance. I was in search of a smallish bookcase for a corner of my Mom Cave when I stumbled upon this neglected guy... The size was right, even though he weighs a ton, so I thought I could make him a little more suave to fit into my … [Read more...]

Guest Room Lighting

Happy Monday, y'all.  After a rainy weekend of getting things done, I feel a little better about my To Do List, but there's still much to do in the coming weeks.  We finally got graduation announcements for my son in the mail, brought my daughter (and all her STUFF!) home from UGA, and ticked off several things I needed to do for school.  I was hoping to get more done on the guest room, but ran out of time.  Boo. Even though the weather didn't … [Read more...]

Spring Mantel Tweaks… I Couldn’t Resist

Howdy hoo, y'all -- another busy week rocking and rolling around here!  So far this week we've celebrated two birthdays in my preschool class, Earth Day plus caterpillars (!), and then yesterday a puppet show.  I'm whipped by 2pm every day! I'm still working away on the guest room, but I took a few minutes to freshen up my spring mantel since Easter is now behind us... It all started with a quick trip to "Junk Day" at the Woodstock … [Read more...]

A New Before & After: Armoire Makeover

Happy hump day!  I'm in the midst of the painting of my guest room today (woo hoo!) but I have a fun makeover to share with you. I scored this armoire from a friend and though I loved the lines and details, the finish was in seriously sad shape. I used wood putty to fill out some deep gauges and then tackled her with some Annie Sloan Versailles.  Two coats later, with a little wet rag distressing and a coat of clear wax... here she … [Read more...]

Thrifty Find Stencil Makeover

Howdy!  We're still socked in with gray skies and SNOW FLURRIES here in Atlanta, but I've got a thrifty find makeover that has me ready for spring -- and I think it took about 10 minutes tops! This was one of my February DIYs that had been waiting since about November, when I scored this wooden handled bin at the thrift store for a couple of dollars.   I used it in my booth through the holidays to hold books and holiday … [Read more...]

Scott’s Success and some Friday Eye Candy

Last Friday a girlfriend and I trekked down to Scott's Antique Market on the south side of Atlanta.  It's one of those have-your-eyes-wide-open-and-comfy-shoes-on experiences, if you've never been!  I was VERY good, honoring my No Spend Month, and only snagging a few things for the booth.  But I got lots of inspiration, too. Here's pics of a few things that inspired me.  Sorry for the iPhone pics! Pillows galore... check out all the … [Read more...]

Happy February and French Linen Lovely

Well, we're experiencing some technical difficulties with our Inspiring Blogger Interview, so I'll bring that to you as soon as everything is resolved.  :-P  Hate it when modern technology doesn't cooperate don't you?  Maybe the fact that yesterday was National Backwards Day (did you know??) has something to do with it! As a Friday "happy," I have the honor today of being a Featured Blogger over at Fancy Little Things today!  I was a regular … [Read more...]

This ‘n That Monday

I'm in the home stretch with my parent conferences this week... and I'm ready to be thinking about and planning decor projects -- like a few on my Home Goals list.  If you missed them, click HERE to see what I've got in store.  There's plenty to choose from don't you think? ;-) I also hit the thrift store a few days ago... love a good score!  Check out this amazing mirror -- it's huge! Near perfect condition, for only $8.98.  Woo hoo!  … [Read more...]

DIY Baby Spoon Display {Ugly Duckling Dining Room}

I am totally in love with my baby spoon display in my dining room, so I thought I'd share the "how to!"   It all started with these small racks I found thrifting with Charity a few weeks ago... They were $2 each and I got them for 20% off -- $6 for the four of them. :-) I've also gotten in the habit of trolling the hobby stores framing department for frames on clearance... especially open frames.  Many were custom orders … [Read more...]